Need to Conserve Forests

Forest conservation has remained a hot topic since decades. Global meetings are conducted to find out ways for maintaining environmental balance. There are several NGOs working on a mission to Save the Environment by creating awareness. The awareness led the government of India to take the biggest decision to Go Paperless wherever possible. Digitalization is being promoted but the cutting down of trees for construction is still a major challenge.

The Government of India has also taken major steps to conserve forests. The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change is the agency that formulates the environmental policies. The paramount responsibilities include the Conservation and survey of wildlife, forests, flora and fauna, the control and prevention of pollution, Afforestation and transformation of degraded areas, ensuring the welfare of animals and protecting the environment. Saving environment is of utmost importance that we have ignored for a long time but now that it has taken over our lives we have started acting on the causes to save the environment. So, let’s run through to know why there is a need for Forest Conservation.

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Need to Conserve Forests- Why Exactly?

Forests – The Lungs of our Earth

Forests are truly the lungs of our Earth. Without forests the earth cannot survive and even human existence is impossible. The need to conserve forest is a never-ending process. Forests are the green lungs that exhale oxygen for us to inhale. In order to maintain the ecological and environmental balance, the Forest Guard is appointed. Forests need a great care and so Delhi government appoints Delhi Forest Guard to keep a watch on forests and animals.

Habitat for Animals and Birds

Forests are home to millions of wildlife animals and birds. The variety of plants and beauty of mother nature lies in forests. Forest is an array of plants and animals with numerous undiscovered plants. Humans have decreased the number of forests and increased concrete jungles impacting the environment and biodiversity to a great extent. Saving forest is saving earth and indirectly saving ourselves. The reduction of forests will bring danger to us and our modern lifestyle in cities.

Balances Climatic Change

Earlier, the migration of birds would inform people about the seasonal and climatic change but slowly and gradually things changed and these migrations are now assumed as a bigger climatic change. The forests are being destroyed in various natural and manmade forms at an alarming rate. Global Warming remains a major issue and tops the list in every Global meet conducted on environment and climatic change.

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Livelihood depends on Forests

There is a part of the population that lives on Forests for their livelihood and struggles hard for having two square meals a day. For them, forests are their life on which they survive. Few rely for livelihood while few rely for their shelter. The dependency for medicinal herbs and other natural products makes forests an indispensable part of the bread earner. It is also contributing to the nation’s economic growth. People depend on herbs, drugs and other medicinal plants for their livelihood. As per reports, we are on a verge to finish our own existence but we have enough measures to pull out a solution from it. However, there is an urgent need to conserve forests globally and if you wish to do so then you must check Delhi Forest Guard Eligibility which can help you with the recruitment.

Provides Food Security

The forests are an amazing resource of food. From daily eatable food to vegetables to medicine, forests have everything stored in it. The agroforestry system plays a vital role in contributing to the economy. The farmers employ trees on the land to retain food security. If one four million of population survives on forests for their existence, it becomes crucial and most important to think and work on conserving forests with stringent policies to be followed globally.

Nature has given ample of things for our survival but it is we who fail to find out measures to protect nature’s beauty. Forests comprises an array of plants, animals and birds that maintain ecological balance for the earth.