Best Ways To Celebrate Your Best Friend Birthday Who Is Living In Hyderabad

Best friend, one such person who stands with us through the thicks and thins of our lives. From having our back in every situation to being there for us as our own sibling, they would literally do anything for us. That is the reason why our best friend’s birthday needs to be celebrated in the most joyful manner. But what if that best friend of yours has moved miles apart from you in Hyderabad now? Would you care to give the celebrations a miss? Absolutely not! True friendship is something rarely found these days, so if you have some friends like him/her regardless of the fact they are staying away from you keep them close to you and celebrate the various joys of your and their life together. Here’s suggesting you some fantastic ways to celebrate your best friend’s birthday who strays miles apart from you but shall be forever close to your heart. 

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  1. Send A Birthday Cake – Wish your long-distance best friend in Hyderabad a very happy birthday by sending your good wishes, love and regards through a birthday cake. You can look for some online bakery to send a scrumptiously baked birthday cake with same day cake delivery in Hyderabad to let him/her know how much you miss your BFF. He/she will absolutely love your gifting gesture, and happy tears are sure to roll out of his/her eyes. 
  2. Schedule A Movie Marathon – So what your BFF stays in Hyderabad away from you, you can always minimize the miles by organising a fun movie marathon night with him/her. And what could be better than organising a movie marathon on his/her birthday? You can fix up a time and choose an online movie streaming platform and get a bowl full of popcorn ready as you both start binge-watching some of his/her favourite movies/web shows together. 
  3. Prepare A Video Post – Publicly declare your love for him/her by preparing a heartwarming video with some memories that you have made with him/her. Once the video is ready, post it over some social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. to cheer him/her up to the core. The video need not have to be something of professional level, but it should be an emotional, cute video so that he/she cherishes it for the rest of their lives.  
  4. Plan Virtual Birthday Party – Using various video calling applications, you can successfully throw him/her a virtual birthday party to surprise your teen or tween BFF. You can get some of the party essentials delivered at his/her doorstep in Hyderabad to make it seem more like a birthday party. Gather all his/her friends and family in the video call and sing the birthday song together to honour his/her born day. It will indeed be a special way of surprising your BFF. 
  5. Take Them On A Virtual Shopping Spree – If shopping is what excited you and your BFF, then why not on the upcoming occasion of his/her birthday, you guys go on a virtual shopping spree. You can shop for anything and everything that your budget permits. You can ask them to pick their favourite item as their birthday gift, and you can pay for them. It will be indeed an endearing way of spending your BFF’s together, this way. 

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  • Make A Donation In His/Her Name – Some acts of kindness speak much louder than gifts and other riches of the world, which is why you can think of making a noble donation to some recognised charitable institution in his/her name. It is by far, one of the most thoughtful ways of surprising your long-distance BFF. 

So, what’s your pick gonna be?