All you need to know for a Successful Social Media Marketing plan


All you need to know for a Successful Social Media Marketing plan

To make an effective social media presence, you have to create some unique strategies for your brand. Every brand is out there on social media trying to make a remarkable presence and if you want to stand out among your competitors, you have to come up with a strategy that no one in your industry would think of before you.


To do so, you need to have a killer plan and then research for the sources to execute that plan. Make it creative, quirky, and enticing for your audience. Just consider all these factors before you invest your mind and money into a plan.


Everybody is building their social media strategy these days and want their brand to outshine. So come up with something innovative and out of the box as going basic is not what your brand demands. Give your brand a reputation that will last for a long period. So, here is the step by step guide to building a strong social media marketing strategy for your business!

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  • Discover your goals and plan efficiently


Ask these questions to yourself;

What do you want from social media? Why do you plan to invest time, energy, and money on social media?


You have to acknowledge these questions before considering any further action. Because your success on social media depends entirely on this. Engaging an audience nowadays is more challenging than ever. Moreover, it is more difficult for fans to see your content. If you don’t have a definite goal, it’s almost obstinate to get any profits for your business from social media.


If you want to take your brand to heights, you have to strategize very smartly and make sure you come up with something that is selling, engaging, and practical at the same time!


  • Choose the right social media platforms


After planning your goals, the next step is to pick the right social media platform that befits your strategy and can help you reach your goals. It’s not necessary to use all the platforms.


Here are three conditions that can help you choose the right network


  • Audience: You have to focus on social platforms where your audience usually or most of the time hang out. Which network has the correct demographics? You have to make sure that you show up where your target audience spends most of the time.


  • Time: What amount of time can you devote to each platform? You should plan to give at least one hour a day on every social media platform at the initial stage. After you expand your audience to a substantial number, you can use social media tools.


  • Resources: What abilities and sources do you have? What sort of content will be suitable for your followers? Is it a picture or a video, a high-quality post, a short post, or a combination of everything? Do you need to create such content regularly?


Figure out the best platforms according to these factors and invest your precious time strategically!

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  • Discover your audience and try to connect with them


The reality is that if you expand your social media marketing capabilities beyond brand awareness, then your customers (and competitors) will provide you with a good guide on where and how to be active in social media.


Analyzing how and where the audience conducts digital conversations naturally can save a lot of trouble. Instead of starting from scratch, find a channel to interact with audiences who are already talking (or trying to talk to your brand).


  • Always be aware of your competitors


Competitive research lets you understand who your competitors are and how they are performing. You will have a good perception of your industry expectations, which will help you set your social media goals. It will also help you discover more opportunities.


For instance, if one of your opponents dominates on Facebook but spends very little time on Twitter or Instagram. You may need to concentrate on networks with underserved audiences instead of striving for followers.



Have a better understanding of your competitors. If you want your strategy to be a hit, you have to make sure what the process that leads you there is. If your process is clear, it’s much easier for you to make effective brand visibility!


  • Curate the accurate content for your profile


Content is what leads you behind the growth of social media, and your success depends on your capability to create content that is suitable to your audience and connects with them. We can say that it is the content that creates or destroys the brand.


You can create content that satisfies the necessities of social media in two ways.


Creating– Create what your brand wants the audience to know. Deliver your goals to the viewers through engaging content. Creating is the art of letting your emotion out and in this case, your content is what describes your brand message!


Curating – You accumulate content that is related to your audience but not created by you. If creating is an art, so is curating! Picking up the right content for your brand is not a piece of cake. You need to have great taste and understand what your audience likes to see.


  • Create a solid posting schedule for your profile


Sharing great content is necessary, but it’s fairly important to have a decent plan too. Your content calendar also needs to estimate the time it takes to engage with your viewers(although you also have to ready for an unplanned situation).


Your content calendar schedules the date and time for posting the kind of content on each channel. This is the perfect place to organize all your social media activities from conception, photos, and links to blogs and videos. It includes the content of your daily postings and social media activities. Make a solid content calendar and plan the timing of your posts according to the specific social media platforms.


  • Analyze your performance after a certain period


You need to observe statistics, optimize posts and timing, and make the most of your energy.


You need to wait at least two weeks to one month before you can learn more about the statistics. Two weeks or one month after posting, please check the statistics and note down the average number of clicks, shares, likes, and comments for each post. These numbers will become your benchmark for progress.

You can also enroll in a free social media foundation course to learn more about social media planning.

From there, you can try various types of posts, unusual post timings, and see how the figures change- whether numbers grow or shrink. This will benefit you to get a gist of what your fans like the most on your page. The type of content you should post more often or create similar posts that are loved by your audience. Stats really help you improve. Always be open to constructive criticism and you will see your business improve and reach great heights!