Global Warming –  Causes, Effects And Its Preventive Measures

Global warming is an increase in average temperature of the earth’s surface. It is caused by increasing a certain level of gases like water vapour, carbon dioxide and methane, which are present in the earth’s atmosphere, termed greenhouse gases. This phenomenon is also called the greenhouse effect. These gases play a vital role in keeping the earth’s atmosphere warm by capturing or blocking the infrared energy from escaping into space. Therefore, as the greenhouse effect increases, there is an increase in global warming simultaneously.

Causes of Global warming

Two main factors are responsible for global warming. They are as follows:

  1. Natural causes (or) nature causes of  global warming       

It includes all-natural factors such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, carbon dioxide

  • Volcanic eruptions: A large amount of volcanic eruptions increases the earth’s temperature, causes harm to plants and damages the environment by releasing toxic gases.
  •  Earthquakes: By this factor, lands get disturbed and it results in destroying of vegetation.
  • Carbon dioxide: As the temperature rises, there is an increase in the ratio of carbon dioxide gas in the air, which results in the melting of the ice bar, especially in the northern hemisphere.
  1.  Non-natural causes (or) man made causes of global warming.

These factors result in an increase in the earth’s temperature, which affects global warming. These factors include:

  • Deforestation
  • Overpopulation
  • Use of chlorofluorocarbon
  • Emissions from vehicles and industries
  • Burning of woods, plastics, wastes and other fossil fuels

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Effects Of  Global Warming

Global warming has a major impact on biodiversity. An incredible increase in the earth’s temperature and climatic imbalance results in the melting of ice, which will increase flooding in many regions. Other effects of global warming include the decline in water supplies, flooding and erosion, reduced agricultural yields, health impacts due to heat and climate variations, high mortality rates and loss of natural habitat. 

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Preventive Measurements of  Global Warming 

Here are a few preventive measures or  precautions to be taken for protecting our planet earth from global warming. Trees play an essential role in reducing carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere by photosynthesis, so stop deforestation and plant more trees. Introduce the system of recycling and reduce the use of plastics. Regular emission tests for vehicles and chimneys of industries to reduce the amount of carbon and other gases released.Control or balance the rise in greenhouse gases, as they keep the earth’s temperature warm by absorbing infrared radiation and prevent it from escaping into space.Use of renewable resources or renewable materials like solar cookers and biogas for cooking, use of biofuel, bioplastics, biomass products and other renewable sources, which are produced from natural resources, can be used to prevent pollution. There are several small steps or precautions to protect the earth from global warming and save nature. But, unfortunately, many animals and birds like sparrows have become extinct, so come forward, let’s join hands in protecting our planet earth and other creatures from getting extinct.

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