6 Services By Hotels

Everyone loves traveling. People of our country or even foreign countries come to India and explore it. Like this only India has one capital that has a strong cultural impact. Kolkata is known as the cultural capital of India because it has strong historical significance. People visit Kolkata and have a look at the history of India. Kolkata is also famous for Bengali sweets. Because of the tourist location, Kolkata has many hotels with different ratings and prices. People, according to their needs, taste, and price, stay at different hotels. The Howard Johnson by wyndham Kolkata airport hotel provides the best of its services to its customers. 

If we talk about 5-star hotels it has many more services rather than only rooms. Because of the good ratings and so many services they are somewhat costly but are worth staying. But one thing to remember is always to carry your Aadhaar card with you as it is mandatory to show it while you check-in in any hotel.

Let’s talk about some of the services provided by 5-star hotels. 


  • Free Breakfast and Wi-Fi: – The 5-star hotels provide their customers with free breakfast and Wi-Fi services. They even have a breakfast buffet with their best local dishes and many other dishes that the customers can have. They provide 24-hour room services that are the best feature as if anyone needs anything they could get it any hour. These types of hotels provide free Wi-Fi access to their clients. The customers can use it anywhere in the hotel. If you have come here for your meetings or anything official. They also have meeting rooms that also have Wi-Fi service and are specially meant for official meetings. So, it will be convenient for you and your client to talk with each other efficiently. 
  • Banquet Halls: – These types of big hotels generally provide you with banquet halls. These banquet Halls are given to the clients for any type of party or function. The people generally hold any kind of Birthday party, Reception, or any function related to marriage. These hotels have such a beautiful location where you can do your pre-wedding shoot or any other type of shoot for movies or daily soaps. They provide you with a playing area where you can have fun, play a lot of games, and enjoy to the fullest. You can arrange small or big functions here. There are built-in cafes inside them where you can just chill and relax and have something to eat or you can even do your work. 
  • Rooms: – These have amazing rooms with good decor and lots of services. They mainly have soundproof rooms, air conditioning, curtains, coffee or tea maker, safe, telephone services, bottled water, laptop safe, and many more. The room services are also very good. Some rooms provide VIP services. Each room has a wardrobe and iron stand and a private bathroom or shower. The rooms are cleaned every day by the housekeeping committee. They keep each room up to mark for next day use. They even provide you with complimentary toiletries that are kept new every day. Apart from this, there are many other services also that include a hairdryer area and a flat-screen TV. You have 24-hour room service available with 24-hour reception open. The rooms also provide you with a minibar. 

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  • Laundry Services: – The hotels also provide you with laundry services. The people who have come for some official meetings or to attend any kind of marriage or other function. They can get their clothes ironed or washed. There are even shoeshine services that are available in these hotels. In these types of luxury hotels, there are generally doorwomen or doormen that are kept for opening rooms or checking the visitors or any type of delivery. They also have the service of a first-aid kit. Any customer who has any problem at any time can contact their front desk and get medicines. As there is a special meeting room in the hotels that’s why they have the service of photocopier and fax machine that is good for the person came for some official work.
  • Parking Services: – Mainly all the hotels provide you with parking services. But if we say about 5-star hotels they have some modern technology in their parking system. They provide you with free parking and even they have the service of valet parking. The tourists come here mainly to visit new places. So, they avoid carrying their vehicles as they are unaware of the roads. So, they take the taxi and roam in them. The hotels also provide you with taxi services. The foreigners that visit India don’t have their vehicles. So it’s best for them. And with the help of a taxi they could even visit the local markets or by going on foot we can explore the places that can’t be explored by cars. The hotels also provide you with a ticket service. 
  • Fitness Center: – Many customers are fitness freak. So, they don’t leave their gym at any cost even if they came here for visit. So, for these types of people, the hotels usually have the service of the gym where they can work out and have fun. For these types of people they even they have a special diet menu. Apart from the gym, they have a swimming pool for fun. 

So, these are some of the common services that are given by almost all 5-star hotels. Not only are these there are many other services also that provided by the hotels. Though they are costly somewhat they are worth staying. People love to stay at these places because of their ambiance and services. But it’s our duty and value also to keep the room things proper as it’s mandatory to keep the room things properly to avoid any kind of damage. Because of the modern technology now you can book your room online before your visit and select your room according to your need. Now it has become easier for tourists. They just have to go and check in at the Howard Johnson by wyndham Kolkata airport hotel. All other details are completed.