Best ways to style gold jewellery with jeans

A good pair of jeans is a wardrobe staple and rightly so! The good old jeans can be styled in a myriad of ways and can be worn everywhere from casual day outs to work meetings to dinner dates!

A great way to go a little extra to your denim look is by adding some gold bling to it! There are various ways in which one can style their denim looks with gold jewellery. If you are looking for some jewellery inspiration for your denim looks, read on!

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  1. Simple studs: If you are into simple pieces of jewellery, a great way to add a variation to your denim look is by adding a pair of studs. They bring a sense of elegance and feminity to your basic classic style and exudes glam most effortlessly. Not to forget they are as comfortable for everyday wear as your favorite pair of jeans.
  2. Chic hoops: It is really difficult to go wrong with a pair of hoops. Hoops are the trendiest piece of jewellery at the moment and can amp up any look like no other piece of jewellery. Elevate your classic outfit with a pair of hoops or balance your look with them. There are various kinds of gold hoops available in the market. To add some extra oomph, go for edgy designs with elements like pearls, stones, etc.
  3. Statement earrings: Gold statement earrings are a great addition to your denim looks. They are a great option when it comes to dressing up your denim looks for special occasions. Don an off-shoulder top with your denim and throw on a pair of statement earrings with edgy elements and you’ll shine like a million dollars.
  4. Pretty pendant: A pendant is one of the most delicate and beautiful pieces of jewelry. They can add a sense of romanticism and feminity to your denim look while keeping the look light and minimal. Pendants in motifs like stars, hearts, leaves, or even initials are a great way to add a touch of your personality to your style. They are also known to beautifully draw attention to your face and your collar bones.
  5. Minimal rings: Style your hands with gold rings for men. Whether you are looking to go heavy with jewelry or extremely, minimal rings are a great bet when looking to style a denim look. They add a dose of glam to the outfit without overpowering the entire look. Throw on a classic white shirt over your favorite pair of jeans and stack a few rings on your fingers and you have yourself and a chic and minimal look. You can also experiment with small elements like diamonds and other gemstones in your gold rings from Adina Eden to add some more bling to your movements.
  6. Stack the bracelets: Bracelets are another piece of jewelry that we love. There are very few things that can match the versatility of a bracelet. When looking to style your denim, you can visit this page and look for a  classic diamond bracelet, or an ethnic bracelet, or even a boho bracelet, they all work. They are your perfect go-to to add some more elements to your look. A trendy way to wear them is by stacking your bracelets. Choose several pieces of bracelets in different designs and stack them randomly. Make adjustments to the stack as per how you feel about it. Stacking bracelets is a great way to make the look interesting.

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Follow the above tips and tricks and watch your boring everyday denim looks transform into strikingly put-together outfits with everyday gold jewellery. Play with your jewelry box and find a style that best suits your expression.