Convert PDF To 4 Other Formats Using PDFBear 

Now that you’ve discovered PDFBear and its excellent conversion tool, you now think to yourself, where and when can I use these free features? Well, you’re in luck. Here is a list of situations where you can use PDFBear’s conversion tools.

  • Word to PDF and PDF to Word

PDFBear’s conversion tool is expansive, and one of its frequently used options is the Word to PDF converter. It lets you convert Word to PDF documents in a matter of seconds with relative ease and without any fuss. Additionally, their converter tool can do the opposite and transform your PDFs into word files if you choose to do so.

An example of a situation where you need to change your word to PDF is when you want to keep your document protected from possible accidental edits. Documents in the PDF format are commonly opened by a PDF reader. This prevents any modifications to your research or report when submitting or sharing it with others. You risk potential unwanted changes to your file if it remains in the word format.

The frequently used situation for the PDF to word option would be when you need to edit your PDF file. As mentioned above, PDF files are usually opened using a PDF reader program. The problem there is the program cannot be used to edit the existing content on your PDF. You can convert the PDF to word, do the editing, and then change it back to a PDF file.

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  • Excel to PDF and Vice Versa

Another option in PDFBear’s conversion artillery is the excel to PDF function. If it’s not clear in the name, it lets you change your excel spreadsheet files into PDF documents just by following precise instructions on the site’s landing page. Similar to its word counterpart, it is also achievable to change your PDF files into excel documents.

If you need to distribute a physical copy of your spreadsheet to your co-workers or classmates, converting your excel to PDF is advised to make it easier for you to print it. Another situation where you can do this is when the person you are sharing the excel file with doesn’t have Excel installed on their device. By converting the file to PDF, they would see it as it is through a pre-installed PDF reader or an online one.

If you want to edit your spreadsheet’s contents in PDF format, you can change it back to excel and edit it there. Converting a PDF to excel will retain the layout of the data in the table. Therefore, the transfer of content from PDF to excel will be seamless.

  • PPT to PDF and The Reverse

Out of the three available Microsoft conversions in PDFBear, this one is the last on the list. The ppt to PDF function will let you change your powerpoints into a PDF document with just a few clicks. After letting the program do its thing, the converted file will be available for download or sharing if you choose to do so.

Situations, where you need to use this, is when you want your presentation to remain unchanged if viewed by others. If a ppt is converted into a PDF, the contents’ format and layout will be saved and won’t be changed by accident. All your slides will still be viewable, but edits cannot be made anymore.

Not unlike the excel and word files, a situation where you can use the PDF to ppt conversion is when you need to do edits in your existing report. Although PDF editing is available in some programs, it is usually blocked by a paywall. The more straightforward way of editing PDF is to convert it back to its original format, make the changes, and change it back to PDF for security.

  • HTML to PDF

The last conversion on the list is different for two reasons. The first is because it’s not a Microsoft format. The second is since this conversion only goes one way. This function is for the HTML to PDF option. The answer as to why the transformation is only available one way is that converting PDF to HTML has many complications.

The immediate circumstance that comes to mind is when you need to display or print your HTML program. Converting it to PDF will keep its original layout, making it easy to understand, and printing paper copies will be effortless.

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PDFBear’s conversion tool is beneficial in many different situations. The ones listed here are just a few of the many possible circumstances where you can use this free online tool. This shows that finding the right tool for your PDF troubles completely changes the way you handle it. Check out this website and change the way you edit your PDFs today.