Free Logo Maker – How to Create a Custom Logo Design

If you’ve got a logo in mind and want to design it for your website or brand, you will have landed in the right spot. 

In this short post, we will introduce you to some of the best online logo maker tools. Still, before that, we would like you to know about some important tips that you have to focus on while designing a logo. 

  • The first important tip is to research your competition. This will help you know the modern trends in the market. You can easily know what works and what not when it comes to logo placement.
  • You should also get inspiration before actually designing a logo. This would help you get a better idea of the modern and lovable designs.
  • A logo is not only about designing an image and placing it in front of your website or brand. You have to design a logo so that it simply complements your niche and establishes your message.
  • You should never settle with the first idea that comes to your mind. You have to brainstorm multiple ideas and designs. 
  • From the multiple designs you have stormed out, you can easily pick one after getting feedback from your potential audience.
  • The end step and tip are to use the best logo maker tool to generate the perfect logo design. 

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List of online logo makers that you should try out in 2021!

Here are some of the top-notch tools that you can try for professional logo designing.

If you have no idea or inspiration for designing a logo for your site, this is a perfect service. This logo maker is extremely easy to use, and the best part is that it is free of cost. This logo maker tool can work perfectly fine on any of your devices having a browser on them. The also offers its application version for smartphone users. 

Following are the steps that you have to follow to make a logo with this tool:

  1. Navigate to to get access to the free logo maker tool.
  2. In this onlinelogo maker, you would find different categories of businesses from which you have to select yours.
  3. In each category, you would find tons of templates. 
  4. Select the most suitable template that appeals to your brand.
  5. Customize it in the dashboard of the tool.
  6. Download the final design.

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The logo maker by Hatchful is another brilliant service that is commonly used for designing professional logo designs. This logo maker is very simple, and its work is quite elegant. You have to answer some questions asked by the tool and enter your preferences for the logo style and colors. Based on your inputs Hatchful would get you pre-designed templates specifically for your brand. The dashboard of this tool is very useful for the personalization of a logo. You can easily add your business name, slogan, and other elements to the template design. The logo maker by Hatchful also comes free of cost and can be used by all kinds of users on all sorts of devices.

Designhill Logo Creator

Designhill logo creator is an AI-powered intelligent tool developed keeping pro-designers as well as novices in mind. Its simple and interactive interface makes it an ideal choice for beginners, while, on the other hand, its advanced features enable pro-designers to create high-quality professional logos. 

For those who are either beginners or not tech-savvy, this innovative DIY software lets them create a logo for their businesses on their own without fuss. Using its massive library of pre-created templates designed by a community of talented logo designers from across the world, anyone can design a professional logo in just 5 minutes. You just need to pick a template closer to your business and customize it by entering your business name and slogan (if any), and with the choices of your icons, fonts, colors, layout, and other design elements. It’s as simple as that.


This logo maker is famous for turning ideas into realities. You must know that this logo maker allows a user to customize and personalize each part and element of the logo template. You can design a logo by using pre-designed templates. You can also utilize the different design elements to create a logo from scratch in less than a few seconds. The total process of designing a logo with Zyro does not take more than four to five steps. You can edit the logo design until and unless you are satisfied with the final results.


Canva is quite popular as a social media tool. Canva is a multipurpose tool that can be used for creating not only logos but also cover pictures, thumbnails, and even cards. You select the logo maker tool from canva and enter your brand name in it. Based on your brand name, the tool would get you template designs that you can use or edit. The best part about this logo maker service is that it can help you create the highest quality logos in the highest resolution at a very lower cost. Canva’s logo maker is known to be best for both personal and professional uses. 


This is one of the popular website builder services you can find on Google and other search engines. This platform also offers you an exceptionally reliable logo making service with the help of which you can create a unique logo in less than minutes. The logo maker by Ucraft can only serve you if you have registered an account with this tool. The final logo design you create with this logo maker can be downloaded in PNG format, and that too for free!

You must try either of these logo maker tools before this self-designing service gets paid!