3 TV Show Genres That You Should Try Watching (If You Haven’t Already)

TV shows these days have become a staple source of entertainment. As it appears that the pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon, you might need to decide on a new TV series to watch next. If you’re here looking for genre-suggestions to consider, we’ll help you discover three TV show genres that you should try watching. We will also walk you through the reasons why they’ll be worth your time. Sit tight and let’s get started!

  1. Anime

You must have already heard of this genre, and even if you haven’t seen anime before, we bet you are at least familiar with the anime characters Naruto and Pikachu. Anime is any movie or show that is rendered in a Japanese style of animation. It is extremely popular, but why do people all over the world love watching it? 

For one, most animes have a unique set of iconic characters–from young detectives and ghost hunters to mystical creatures, just to name a few. Any anime lover would agree that the characters are one of a kind, as they are often shaped by their strengths, weaknesses, and personal experiences. These subtle details humanize them and make the show easily relatable. Even though some would think that it’s just another cartoon genre, anime shows share profound life lessons about love, friendship, life experiences, and a lot more.

If you plan to start watching anime, it would be a good idea to know the best anime sites for online streaming because this genre is very easy to binge on. It opens your eyes to the beautiful Japanese culture and your ears to the most timeless theme songs and music scores. There is never a dull moment, and since it’s all animated, everything is visually dynamic. Most episodes run for 15 to 20 minutes, and there are long-time running shows that go over 600 episodes. This is just a small glimpse of anime, and there’s no other way to discover this amazing world than to start watching!

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  1. Legal Drama

If you want to become a lawyer someday or know more about how things roll in the legal world, you most definitely need to try legal drama. Whether you are interested in the powerplay of corporate executives in their fancy suits or the exhilarating adventures in a criminal investigation, there are shows like Suits or How to Get Away With Murder that you should watch. These shows can help familiarize you with legal terms and situations that happen in the real world. That means the next time around that a friend or lawyer drops the terms arraignment, plaintiff, affidavit, or quid pro quo, you will not be intimidated or left wondering what those things mean, because the series will somehow acquaint you with the letter of the law.

Legal drama series do a good job at portraying circumstances where the lawyer is made to choose between what is legal and what is moral. It will make you rethink and challenge your stances on what is right and wrong. This genre may not guarantee you a slot in law school, but it gives you a bird’s eye view of the legal profession while having you fall in love with the genius, dexterity, and charisma of its characters.

  1. Zombie Apocalypse

Last but not least, you should try watching the series under the zombie apocalypse genre. Zombie films and series are fun to watch because they can give a good scare and a thrilling experience. However, on top of the entertainment, there are lots of practical things that you can pick up, especially *fingers crossed* if a real apocalypse ever takes place.

If you haven’t realized it yet, the thing about zombie TV series is that it usually reveals who the real enemy is. We at some point believed that the real enemy is the zombies when in reality, it is usually our fellow human survivors. Whatever sort of apocalypse breaks into our world, zombie series will teach you basic survival tips, like which humans to trust and when to trust them, how to find or make clean drinking water, or know which objects are best for self-defense against zombies or other humans.

One thing to prepare for when watching a zombie TV series is that characters die, even the lead characters. Since this genre always represents diverse sets of characters and personalities, there is surely at least one character that you will fall in love with. There’s nothing wrong with becoming too invested in them, but when the time comes, always be prepared that they could die at any moment.

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If you’ve not yet tried watching any shows under these genres, we hope that we were able to entice you to check them out! Exploring other genres can help you discover things that you’ll never know you were interested in. It can even help you learn practical things that you could use in real life. So, step out of that comfort zone and start watching!