What To Do If You Are Involved in a Car Accident While Being Pregnant?

When a pregnant lady is involved in a car accident, millions of risks are there. The expectant mother’s life is on the line, and the infant’s life is in her belly. Complications like miscarriage, internal bleeding, internal organ damage, and other health risk come into consideration, and suddenly a pregnancy can become a high risk for your health. 

If you or someone you know have been in a car accident, you must be aware of the complication involved in it. Along with that, there is physical pain and mental pain that hurts you. So in this situation, you will need a St. Louis car accident attorney that will take care of the legal matter for you not only with the police but also with the health professional for aiding your get your insurance claim.

Complication after the crash.

Research done by a group of professionals has shown that around 8% of all pregnancies in the US are due to a car accident. There can be several complications that you might have to face, from internal bleeding to miscarriage.

Below are some of the most commonly flagged complications that a pregnant woman faces after getting into an accident.

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  • Placenta eruptions: 

This is a situation that occurs when the placenta is suddenly separated from the walls of the uterus. This might lead to infant-like lower body weight, poor health, brain development, weak body structure, etc. On the other hand, the mother may face problems like internal bleeding and severe blood loss and require a blood transfusion to regain her health

  • Miscarriage: 

This is the unexpected loss of the fetus before the 20th week of pregnancy. There is no way that a list or a destroyed fetus can be recovered by any medical means. These casualties are generally noticed in severe car accidents where a mother is badly injured. If the loss occurs post week 20, it is deemed stillbirth.

  • Premature Birth: 

This is a condition when a mother gives birth to a baby before the 40th week of pregnancy. This means that a baby is born in the 37th week or before. In this situation, the infant is at a very high risk of not developing its body to its full potential and cannot perform involuntary actions like breathing. They are also unable to produce body heat, due to which they are kept in hibernated zones. Premature birth may also have long-term health issues that may be considered as long-term diseases

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What should be your next step?

Your immediate course of action after the accident should get medical attention. Doing so will save your life, and the complications can be tackled in the very initial stages. Next, you need to consult an experienced car accident attorney to help you through your insurance claim and get your compensation filed because the medicine may become a bit heavy for your pocket. Moreover, the other person involved in the accident must be held accountable.