Interior Design Ideas to Boost Company Morale

Every business owner wants to achieve optimal productivity within their employees’ working space. But did you know that interior design can greatly impact staff morale? There are various measures that you can put in place to ensure that your employees are raring to go each morning. Some of which are purely psychological, whilst others can actually create a healthier environment for everyone involved. The latest study of neuroarchitecture studies how room layouts, space, and light can impact our mental wellbeing. Therefore, it’s scientifically proven that interior design is essential in shaping moods. How can you ensure that your business space is having a positive impact on your employees’ productivity and wellbeing?

Bring in Some Plants

Green indoor plants are a great way of incorporating some color into your office space, whilst simultaneously boosting happiness and reducing stress. In fact, the presence of plants is said to boost productivity by as much as 15%. Not only this, but they also improve air quality, by breathing in carbon dioxide and other airborne toxins, and releasing oxygen. This makes your office space more breathable, which will in turn make your employees feel more energized. With this increased energy and positivity, they’ll be able to produce better quality work. Despite this, some plants will be difficult to care for, meaning that you should always opt for a low-maintenance solution when selecting your office plant. 

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Utilize Color Psychology

Lots of people don’t realize how much of an impact color has on our mood. Despite this, it’s actually an integral feature of our comfort, happiness, and peace. The most beneficial of colors is said to be blue; this is because it reminds us of the sky and ocean, placing us in a calm and fresh mindset. Aside from blue, you might also implement some green into your space, as its association to fresh air, leaves, rainforests, and grass evokes thoughts of renewal, growth, and nature. As a result, green creates an extremely calming ambiance. 

After green, you might opt for yellow as its sunny connotations make us feel cozy, peaceful, warm, and optimistic. In addition to this, yellow has been proven to promote communication, encourage creativity, stimulate the nervous system, and improve memory. Finally, it’s not often recognized, but brown is a known relaxant due to its association with earthy, organic nature. 

Implement Feng Shui

The art of feng shui is all about harboring positive energy through the careful arrangement. Feng shui translates to “wind-water” and is among the five arts of Chinese metaphysics. The discussion of feng shui relates to architecture in terms of invisible forces that bind humanity, the earth, and universe together. Therefore, when a room is developed with feng shui in mind, it’s said to bring success or good fortune. With this being said, you may not believe in the powers that feng shui brings to your office; however, the orientation of furniture is said to make us feel more positive. This is due to the use of empty space and expelling negative energy towards the door. 

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Enhance the Lighting

Most people will recognize that ample sunlight and fresh air make them feel a lot more positive. This is due to a higher release rate of serotonin and endorphins, the chemicals that make us happy. Similarly, being exposed to sunlight in the morning prevents your body from producing sleep-inducing melatonin, contributing to your alertness. With this being said, it’s only natural light that’s known to have these benefits; in fact, artificial lights are proven to have the opposite effect and make you feel drowsy. Therefore, enhanced lighting results in enhanced energy. 


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