What Is My Hometown Fest Gallery Revenue?

My Hometown Fest is an exciting time for the communities and local businesses in and around Sarasota, FL. For business owners, it’s a time to relate with the community members, meet new customers, and interact with other businesses. For families, it’s a time to have fun, enjoy live band performances, and enjoy delicious food, all at affordable prices. This event was created by the Sertoma Club of Greater Sarasota, an international organization that helps children and families worldwide with language, speech, and hearing disabilities. The funds generated from the entry tickets and with the help of their numerous sponsors are channeled into helping these children and families. Since the inception of this event in 2016, they have had a theme that’s built around fun, music, food, and beer for everyone. 2022 my hometown fest expanded more on the theme of the event; the day was fun-filled with mouth-watering food, band music, beer, spirits, and lots of fun activities for everyone, both young and old. From 2016 to date, the event has generated over $50000 to support children and families with speech, hearing, and language disabilities.

Read on to learn more about My Hometown Fest, their sponsors, and more; let’s get to it. 

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What To Expect At My Hometown Fest

Great Music

Fantastic live band performances are one of the highlights of My Hometown Fest. Every year, the event organizers invite several musicians to charge the entire environment with great music. At the event, you’ll enjoy various genres of music such as soft rock, country, pop, and more.

Food and beer

During the event, several food vendors have stands set up at the location, and you can taste food and drink from a number of eateries, food trucks, and local, regional, and craft brewers. The best part is that you can have everything for just one ticket price. There are also lots of beer and spirits to sample. In addition, the event provides a ton of fantastic activities for both adults and children.

The Sponsors Of My Hometown Fest

Sunset Automotive Group

The Sunset Automotive Group is a service dealership representing 10 

different automobile manufacturers in Sarasota, Bradenton, and Venice. They also have 4 convenient body shops where customers can visit for all their automobile needs. They have a sales team that is powerful and dedicated, and they have many years of expertise in meeting the needs of consumers. Their services can be requested online via their website. Sunset Automotive Group is one of the major sponsors of My Hometown Fest in Sarasota.

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MÜV Medical Cannabis Dispensary

MÜV Medical Cannabis Dispensary is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in producing cannabis-infused products for the treatment of various medical conditions. It is a family-owned business that cultivates, researches, and manufactures high-quality cannabis-infused products. They have well-trained specialists that understand the details of consistently creating safe and high-quality products. MÜV brand owns medical cannabis dispensaries in various locations in and around Florida. Their brand at Bradenton is located at 8465 Heritage Greenway Bradenton, FL 34212. MÜV Medical Cannabis Dispensary is known for giving back to the community, and they sponsor numerous medical programs for young and old. One of the programs they sponsor is My Hometown Fest in Sarasota.

Hale Law

This is a leading law firm in Florida. With a focus on personal injury, auto accidents, and homeowner insurance claims, this law firm has proven itself to be a leader. They have some of the most experienced set of attorneys in the city that are keen on professionalism. 

This company is not only focused on helping people seek redress and fight for justice. They also contribute to society in several ways. One of such ways is their involvement in the My Hometown Fest event. They also offer a free, no-hassle case evaluation. 

Williams Parker Attorneys at Law

Williams Parker was established in 1925 with the goal of assisting clients in realizing their personal and professional goals. Offering one of Florida’s largest and most sophisticated trusts and estates practices, in addition to top-notch real estate, tax, employment, litigation, healthcare, and intellectual property practices. They practice in the legal disciplines that align with our client base and have built national-caliber capabilities. You can reach out to them to learn more about their services.

How To Prepare To Attend My Hometown Fest Event

Be sure the Festival is Right For You

Festivals are a great way for anyone to experience fun outdoor activities, music, food, and even make new friends. There are several types of festivals with different themes, so make sure to research the festival you wish to attend. If you want a mixture of fun, music, food, and more, then My Hometown Fest is your best bet.

Get your tickets

After you’ve picked the desired festival to attend either alone or with family, then it’s time to get your tickets. The price of entry tickets varies and can sometimes be influenced by how early you buy them. Generally, festival tickets are sold online, at designated centers, and sometimes are the entry gate of the event. For instance, My Hometown Fest sells tickets on its website and at the gate of the venue. My Hometown Fest offers free tickets for children between the ages of 12 and younger. When you’ve gotten your ticket, set a reminder on your calendar and inform those attending the fest with you to also set the date apart on their calendars.

Plan your trip

If you’re not resident in the same location as the upcoming event, then it’s time to plan your trip. Start by getting accommodation, and travel tickets, pack your bags early, and get set for the trip. When packing for your trip, be sure to include your tent, water bottle, and clothes that are suitable for the weather, and pick the right comfortable shoes, sandals, or slippers. Most times, it’s best to prepare travel clothes at least four weeks in advance. This will give you time to account for potential delivery delays or make required alterations.

In conclusion, even though the aim of any festival organizer is for those attending to have fun, still the majority of the work lies in your hand. With so many events going on, it is your responsibility to participate and find one you like.