Why Should You Use A Heavy Haul Trucking Company?

Although flatbed trailers are flexible and suitable for lightweight loads, they can’t help in certain cases. In cases when your shipment is too heavy, wide, or tall and must be delivered overnight, you need a heavy haul truck that requires special routing; this is where the service of a reliable heavy haul trucking company comes in handy.

Heavy loads are generally referred to as oversized loads that weigh above the standard limit. When dealing with such loads, you can’t help but seek the assistance of professionals. This article discusses the importance of using a heavy haul trucking company for your heavyweight loads.

What are Heavy Loads?

When your load is over the general standard limit for moving cargo by road, then it is referred to as overweight, oversized, or heavy load. Although the standard limit, rules, and regulations for transporting overweight loads differ for each state, the federal government has a general standard for overweight loads.

Generally, when your loads weigh a total of 8.6 feet wide, 53 feet long, 13.6 feet high, and over 80,000 pounds, including the weight of the truck, trailer, fuel, driver, chassis, and other equipment, it is considered an overweight load. A heavy haul truck will be needed to transport it by road. However, some states accept a total of 90,000 pounds, while very few states have a standard limit of 100,000 pounds.

A heavy haul truck has an attached trailer and a truck tractor. Therefore, to use a heavy haul truck, you must get permits in regards to the weight, length, height, and width of the load. However, the set permit differs for each state and could take some hours or days to get, depending on the heavy haul trucking company you’re working with and the state.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider a heavy haul trucking company.

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Provide Appropriate Equipment for Heavy Loads

Most times, accidents occur due to the use of inappropriate equipment, causing hazards like legal liability, damage to equipment and cargo, delay, injuries, and even death. Experienced and professional trucking companies use chassis that can effectively handle overweight loads. Thus, ensuring safety and reducing risk for your shipment.

Standard-sized hauling vehicles are insufficient to transport loads that weigh above 44,000 pounds. This is because they lack the capacity and important safety measures. A heavy haul trucking company easily provides special trailers or rigs that can effectively handle such loads. 

Sometimes, they also provide specially designed low-weight trucks, depending on your needs. Using a low-weight truck will increase the weight of loads that can be hauled legally. With the use of safety protocols, a heavy haul trucking company will ensure the safe and timely delivery of your loads.

Improve Container Loading To Control Shipping Costs

The right heavy haul trucking company can help you save costs in different ways. By using suitable equipment that meets your needs, they prevent avoidable accidents and save you costs as a result. You also get to save the cost of damaged equipment because they ensure your loads are delivered intact.

Using a haulage company also saves you the cost of renting or purchasing a truck to transport your loads. Sometimes, you also pay for repairs in case the truck becomes faulty. A reliable company can manage your costs in the following ways:

  • If you ship frequently, you will be advised to ship in bulk. This tactic will reduce shipment and labor fees and the rate at which you ship. However, this suggestion is not applicable to time-bound shipments.
  • They use advanced tracking technologies to ensure the timely delivery of your goods. This avoids delay, which saves you money resultantly. These modern technologies also ensure that your loads get to you in good condition, therefore eliminating waste or loss.
  • They help you pack your heavy loads tightly. With the right packaging, they ensure there’s no empty space in the truck, hence, optimizing the space and reducing cost.
  • They save you time. As the saying goes, “time is money.” With the use of professional heavy haul trucking services, you get to spend quality time thinking of better ways to increase the productivity of your business.
  • By using the right truck for your loads, a reliable company can also save you shipment and labor costs. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to heavy loads, and a heavy haul trucking service can determine the right one for you.

Obtain Necessary Permits

There’s a need to obtain certain paperwork for your goods, especially when moving them between different states. When professional hands are not consulted, the process is usually long and difficult, as little mistakes can cause major problems. However, experienced truckers help you secure necessary permits for each state your cargo crosses without delay or extra charges. 

They hasten the steps involved in getting the necessary permits by outlining the steps you must take to get your overweight permit and informing you about how long it may take to secure it. Since they are familiar with the freight routes, and the exact permits you need, you can be sure of a smooth and fast process.

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Save Time With More Effective Over-The-Road Routing

One of the most popular and annoying events in the delivery process is to discover halfway that your planned route has been restricted. This causes a major delay in the delivery time and can also reduce productivity.

When transporting your heavy loads, it is important to consult the services of experienced truckers who are familiar with the routes. They also use advanced route planning tools, which help to plan efficient routes effectively, and avoid restricted routes, thereby saving time and increasing your productivity.

Eliminate the Need for Overweight permits for Certain Loads

There are cases when getting overweight permits may be unnecessary. For instance, some states don’t issue heavy load permits; therefore, you can move cargo above the standard limit in such states without overweight permits. This saves you time and resources.

Importantly, experienced truckers can also help you bypass the cost of getting permits for loads above 80,000 pounds by reducing the weight of the truck. By using a lightweight chassis made of aluminum, you get to reduce the weight of your truck, resulting in a total weight below 80,000 pounds.

Now that you know how important the use of a heavy haul trucking company is for your business, you can increase your profit margin, save time and resources, and also increase the productivity of your business.