What Are Burbank Dental Laboratory’s Primary Industries?

Burbank Dental Laboratory is a family-owned company that specializes in offering general cosmetics dental products and general dentistry products. This dental lab was established in the 1970s and has experienced three generational evolution. Burbank Dental Laboratory’s primary industry is the Healthcare Devices and Supplies industry. The company specializes in offering top-quality dental restorations and dental implants to dental professionals such as dentists and orthodontists. They’re known for offering dental restoration that cuts across all major dental prosthetic categories. They have a team of skilled, committed, and well-trained dental technicians, specialists, and customer service representatives that are readily available to serve. From the moment you contact their customer services representative on the Burbank Dental Lab website, you’ll be attended to expertly, and your order will be collected in detail. 

They maintain great communication with their clients even after the order has been collected; this helps them offer high-standard dental restorations and dental implants according to the specifics of their clients. Some of the dental restorations they offer include Smiles by Design Dental Restoration, DuraTemps, Smart1 Implant Bars, BiteSoft, Elastic Mandibular Advancement, Full Metal Crowns, and several others. Read on to learn more about Burbank Dental Lab and the benefits of working with a reputable full-service dental laboratory. 

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Advantages Of Working With A Reputable Full-service Dental Laboratory

Prompt and consistent results

Before a dental lab can become top-rated and highly recommended, it must have consistently served numerous dental professionals with high-quality dental solutions. When you work with such a dental lab, you’ll benefit from the consistently high standard and prompt services. This will, in turn, help you better serve your clients with high-quality services and also help boost your reputation in your dental practice. 


As a dental professional, the services you offer your clients will define your reputation and carve a niche for you in your field. For this reason, you need to make a conscious effort to serve your clients with the best services and products. You can achieve quality services and products if you have the backing of a top-rated professional dental lab like Burbank Dental Lab. Your dental lab will offer you an expert technician that’ll stay in touch with you as work is ongoing on your order. They’ll take note of every tiny detail of your client’s needs and use the information to build your clients the perfect well-fitted dental restoration or implants. 

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No need for outsourcing

Another major advantage of working with a full-service dental lab is that they offer dental restoration that covers all aspects of dental health. This means whether your clients need dental crowns, cosmetic dental restoration, dental implants, bridges, dentures, veneers, and other dental restoration devices, a full-service dental lab will adequately cater to your needs. They have all the necessary equipment to create all your dental restorations in one place. They also have well-versed dental technicians that can handle all this equipment to create high-quality dental prosthetics. 

This means you won’t experience shipping delays, material restrictions due to travel border specifics, and many others. 

Knowledgeable dental technicians and specialist

When you work with a full-service dental lab, you’ll benefit from working directly with knowledgeable specialists. The full-service dental lab has various teams of dental technicians that understand different aspects of dental restoration and solutions. Hence, when you contact them for any dental restoration, you’ll be assigned a specialist that understands the nitty-gritty of creating the perfect dental restoration for your clients. If you have various cases from different clients, you can trust a full-service dental lab to readily provide you with dental specialists that’ll readily meet all your needs. 

Customized products 

A reputable full-service dental lab offers customized dental restoration. This means your dental restoration will be developed based on your precise requirements. Unlike some other dental labs that produce dental restorations in mass without following individual requirements, reputable dental labs don’t offer mass production of dental prosthetics. Their dental technicians understand tooth internal color characterization, tooth morphology, occlusion, formation, and more. The knowledge of these various aspects of dentistry will help reduce the mistakes when designing dental solutions. This means that when specialists build your client’s dental restoration, they’ll consider their tooth color, shapes, and other specific details to create a natural-looking dental solution.

In conclusion, Burbank Dental Laboratory is your one-stop shop for all your dental restoration. With them, you’ll enjoy the benefit of working with a full-service dental lab. An experience with Burbank Dental Lab will give your clients beautiful, flawless smiles and boost the reputation of your dental practice.