How To Get To Lincoln-Goldfinch Law In Austin By Bus?

Let’s assume you’ve settled on the highly acclaimed Lincoln-Goldfinch Law as your preferred firm for immigration or bankruptcy-related issue. This could be anything from filing for asylum or fighting deportation to declaring Chapter 7 or 11 bankruptcy. 

But, you’ve hit a snag – you’re unsure how to get to their office in Austin on 1005 E 40th Street. What do you do now that you’re considering going there by bus?

Well, we’ve prepared an easy step-by-step guide to your destination. We hope it helps you, albeit in a small way, so that you can focus on resolving your legal concern.

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The Directions

You’ll need to board a bus at your nearest transit station to get there. Here are some of the lines and routes with stops close to Lincoln-Goldfinch Law:

10: This line, run by Capital Metro Bus, starts at Turk/Callen, past Francia, and makes its way through South 1st street, with stops along the way. The route terminates at Norwood Transit center after traversing Rutherford, Cameron, Berkman, Crestwood, and other areas along the route. Alternatively, use an app like Moovit to view the bus schedule on a particular day you plan to travel, including the stops along the line. The route has 72 stops – most of all the routes with potential stops close to the law firm. You can access the bus between 4:47 AM and 11:24 PM daily.

335: The (335 35th/38th Eb) route starts at 2728 Exposition, past 35th/Crawford, through 38th/Ronson, and 1405 38th Half/Clarkson. It also goes past 3504 Manor Greenwood, 4310 Berkman, before ending in 4924 Berkman. You can catch the bus between 5:40 AM and 11:40 PM any day of the week. If you’re in any of the transit locations along the route, you can board and alight at one of the 22 stops – closest to the law firm (details about potential stops below).

345: The (345-45th Eb) line offers an alternative to getting to the law firm. Capital Metro Buses start at 924 41st street, through 915 45th/Red River. They also make stops at Sunshine Station, proceed to 301 45th street/Avenue C, and terminate at Burnet/45th street. The operating time for this line is between 5:11 AM and 10:40 PM and has 13 stops. Provided you’re aware of the buses’ schedule, you can use this line to get to Lincoln-Goldfinch.

350: The 350 bus departs Acc Riverside at Grove and makes its way past 1803 Montopolis/Kasper, 1207 Montopolis/Larch, and 1123 Airport/Springdale. From here, it proceeds to 4613 Airport/46th and other locations along the route before ending in North Lamar Transit Center. The buses operate daily from 4:55 AM to 10:30 PM, although this varies from time to time. Check-in advance to ensure you’re aware of any changes in the schedule. In general, the route has 37 stops.

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Potential Stops

To know where you need to alight, it helps to figure out some of the bus stations within proximity to Lincoln-Goldfinch. These include:

  • 4000 Red River/40th:
  • 1101 38th Half/Robinson
  • 924 41st/Ih 35
  • Fiesta (3909 S Ih35/38th Half

These stations are a 5 to 10-minute walk from the law firm. Thus, you can easily access the firm after alighting from the bus. And while the 10, 335 and 345 lines pass Lincoln-Goldfinch Law on E 40th street, you can get off at the stops below for ease:

  • South 1st/Red River (10)
  • Chicon/Cherrywood (322)
  • 35th/38th street (335)
  • Delwood Crestwood (492)
  • Lincoln/45th street (345)

On an app such as Moovit, you can check the live arrival times for buses in your selected transit line or close to your location. That way, you can time your walk to the bus stop perfectly.

Schedule an Appointment

Before getting on the bus and making your way to the firm, consider scheduling an appointment. This will ensure an attorney is available to attend to you when you get there. Consider calling or visiting their website to schedule a consultation.

Best of all, the firm offers a free case evaluation, which is essentially a consultation with an attorney to discuss your legal options. This is the first step toward getting the best possible outcome for your case. And since you’ll be dealing with a reputable, award-winning, and experienced personal injury law firm in Austin, the bus ride will be worth it.

All things considered, using public transportation to get to Lincoln-Goldfinch Law in Austin is easy and straightforward. The firm is close to bus stops, making it easily accessible, regardless of where you are. Now that you have the directions to and from the destination make your time count – your appointment with a knowledgeable attorney is just a bus ride away.