Wedding video ideas for your love story

Creating a romantic film will make your wedding ceremony special. To do this, you will need to find a local wedding videographer and discuss what a video of your love should be. Don’t think that this is a very simple task, because the idea of video filming is to create memories of an important event.

You don’t have to give up on your wishes, as today you can easily find a suitable idea for your future work. To simplify the process of planning the shooting, check the list of wedding love story video ideas from Vanilla Brides.


First Step: Engagement video ideas

Engagement is the first step toward starting your own family, so you should remember this day in the best way possible. What can you do? Choose your preferred way to capture your engagement not only in your memories, but also on video.

Idea #1: Share your emotions

The decision to start a family can come with a first-person narrative. The groom is probably as excited as the bride and will be able to share a lot about how the preparations went. 

Idea #2: Filming the engagement preparations

Inviting guests, preparing the location, and buying an engagement ring shouldn’t sink into oblivion. Capture the entire process on video and keep the moment in your memory.

Idea #3: A proposal video

Pleasant unexpectedness and surprises of this magnitude are rare, so invite a videographer. He’ll suggest stylish ideas for engagement video and help you prepare for a hidden video shoot. 

Idea # 4: Tell your love story

The meeting, the first date, and other details should stay in your memory. To keep that in mind, film the story and add it to the created movie.

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Second Step: Pre-wedding video ideas

Preparing for your event can be unusual, because today you can use original pre wedding video ideas. Check the list and choose the suitable option.

Idea #1: Wedding invitation

It’s not often you see newlyweds calling guests for their first celebration together. You can stun friends and family with your idea, and the result will be kept in the family archive.

Idea #2: Announce the exact date 

It’s not just the newlyweds who need time to prepare, but their family as well. Create personalized videos and announce the date and location of the ceremony. It’s worth adding a few unique introductions to interact with your guests.

Idea #3: Announce your upcoming wedding

Inform your friends and acquaintances that your couple will soon make their vows. A small video can be posted on your social media page or sent to invited guests.

Idea #4: Invitation to a hen party

Spend a free evening with your friends and announce the plan with a video. The date, location and other details are much easier to convey verbally, and you can’t erase the episode from your memory.

Third Step: Wedding day video ideas

The best way to remind everyone that you’re happy is to show them the results of your wedding day preparations.

Idea #1: Chronology

The story of the preparation can consist of various videos where you meet with the organizers in charge. You can film the locations in question and share your impressions again.

Idea #2: Photo album

Since you have an engagement photo (or video), it’s worth showing it to your guests. This way you create a good mood and a romantic atmosphere for the celebration.

Idea #3: Preparing the bride and groom

You’re nervous, and that’s absolutely normal. Choosing a dress or suit also deserves the attention of your guests. It’s up to you to tell them all about how the preparations for the big event took place.

Idea #4: Reaction of loved ones to news of the wedding

The happy faces of parents and loved ones deserve to be on your video. Perhaps someone will be happy to hear the news of the upcoming wedding? Try to keep that memory on film.

Fourth Step: After the wedding

The wedding is over, but you don’t have to be without emotion. Use the following wedding video clip ideas for more fun.

Idea #1: The honeymoon trip

Create a video using footage you shot on your cell phone or camera. This way, you’ll preserve pleasant memories of your holiday together.

Idea #2: Wedding anniversary

When emotions have calmed down, you can dive back into the holiday spirit. Make a video and talk about what’s changed in your life.

Idea #3: Living together

To do this, it’s worth remembering the funny stories that happened after the wedding. Living together is not an excuse to forget the usual joys.

Idea #4: Post-wedding relationships

These are probably the best love story video ideas for a young couple. The video can consist of a description of your emotions after a festive celebration or honeymoon.