To switch from fuel to electric cars, you must know the best electric vehicle charging cables and their qualities. At first, most people are confused about the different electric wires and the public charging infrastructure. Depending on your electric car, getting a quality charging cable is a task-some. Below are things to consider when buying electric vehicle cables.


You don’t want to keep going to the shop to buy a new cable after a few weeks or months. A durable line should be waterproof, meaning it can still work under specific temperatures even after spraying with water jets. The IP rating of a cable will indicate how durable a cable is. For example, a cable with an IP rating of 56 is protected from limited gas ingress and high-pressure water jets. Different cables have different IP ratings depending on the purpose.

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Length of the cable 

If you purchase a cable for your electric vehicle, buy a long one. Consider the distance between the home charging equipment and where you will park your car for charging. Other than satisfying this distance, can it be used in a public charging point or places of employment? A shorter cable is easier to store and carry around but will not satisfy all needs. In contrast, longer lines like a five-meter cable will cover eventualities when the need to charge the car arises.

Quality of the material

A quality cable should be made following the regulations governing the production of outdoor electrical equipment under specific standards. An electric car cable should have the standard quality of EN 50620. The exterior of the cable should be made with rubber capable of resisting any fluid ingress or abrasive handling, protecting the inner wiring. Quality cables like WebWel Ev Cables are available in well-known cable stores.

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Manufacturer Warranty

Before making a purchase, buyers want to see that a substantial warranty covers the equipment. The warranty period can also determine the quality of the electric vehicle cables. If the manufacturer is aware that the cable is not durable, they may give a short warranty period to avoid losses after customers return them to the store. Manufacturers with quality cables will provide a more extended warranty period as they know the cable will serve you for a long time. 

Latest technology

Look out for cables with the latest technologies, for example, the ability to monitor the charging process via hand-held or intelligent devices and lock them in place to prevent theft. Ensure you get a cable compatible with your battery size since different wires have different power level thresholds and electric current types. Some lines with the latest technologies allow scheduling charging times that best suit the user using a remote control or an app.

Purchasing quality electric vehicle cables is essential in ensuring a vehicle’s maximum efficiency and pace-keeping with developments. Do not forget that different cables have different connector types and acronyms, so ensure you get the one that fits your car best.