The Impacts Of Cycling On the Environment

Becoming more environmentally friendly is something that we should all be striving for. Every little change can make a difference and helps us on the way to living a more sustainable lifestyle. There are simple things that you can do to help the environment, like recycling, reducing your use of plastic products, and walking or cycling instead of taking your car short distances. The impact that cycling can have on the environment is massive and with Sheffield cycle stands, workplaces and councils can promote the use of bikes in our communities. Here are a few impacts that cycling has on the environment.  

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Reduces emissions 

Cycling reduces our overall air pollution. This refers to the chemicals and gasses that are produced by cars and other vehicles that are released into the air. These chemicals not only have a negative impact on our environment but on our health too. They are also a massive contributor to global warming and can even make breathing difficult in some heavily populated towns and cities. Cycling is a great way of getting around. Cycling to work, if possible, instead of taking your car is a way of promoting clean, fresh air. 

Reduces noise pollution

Noise pollution is an issue in built-up areas and can be annoying for both humans and animals alike. This type of pollution makes living more difficult for wildlife, and they must adapt to new ways of dealing with it, which then has a knock-on effect on the rest of the environment. Reducing the number of vehicles on the road can put a stop to this. Choosing to cycle or walk instead of using your car means less noise for us and less noise for wildlife so that they can thrive in their habitats. 


If cycling becomes more popular, this means that more green spaces will have to be introduced into our communities. Green spaces refer to areas that don’t allow cars and are home to more trees, a variety of wildlife, and open areas. Plants take carbon dioxide out of the air, so introducing more trees into our communities can help to create clean, fresh air, free from pollution. Better air quality is great for the environment, and for our health and well-being.

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Behavioural changes 

Choosing other ways to travel, like cycling and walking can have a knock-on effect on others. Your close family, friends, or colleagues will be inspired to try which will mean that more people are likely to commit to making a change. Promoting cycling to others is a great way of creating a ‘new normal’ and helps to build momentum around using a bike to travel rather than a car. So, if you’re a keen cyclist, make sure you tell your friends! Every small action can help to improve the environment and result in cleaner air. 

Reduces infrastructure repairs 

Cars and lorries can cause major damage to our roads and motorways. When these roads become damaged, they require repairs which are carried out by heavy machinery that produces a lot of unclean, carbon emissions into the air. Cycling where possible means that we can save our roads and reduce the damage we are doing to the planet, not only reducing our carbon footprint but reducing the need for use of heavy, industrial machinery.