How To Wear A Denim Dress

Denim never goes out of style. From jackets to jeans, there’s a colour and fit for everyone too. Citizens of humanity are one brand that really showcases the versatility of denim and just how easy it is to add to your wardrobe. As summer approaches you might be wondering whether it’s time to put away your beloved denim and move over to something a little lighter. However, now more than ever there are gorgeous denim dresses that are bang on trend. Here are some top styling tips so you can wear your denim dress with confidence. 

A T-Shirt And Trainers Combo

If you’re used to wearing a comfy t-shirt and trainers with your jeans, why not wear them with your denim dress instead. Simply wear the t-shirt underneath the dress and pair it with some cute sneakers and socks. You could even add a baseball cap for some sun protection and a sporty feel. This combo works especially well with denim pinafore dresses and makes for a cutesy, flirty summer look.  

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A denim dress isn’t complete without its accessories. If you’re wearing a shirt dress, try cinching in your waist with a thin belt to show off your silhouette. You could also add a shoulder bag that matches the colour of your belt too so that the look’s tied together. Finally, add a colourful pair of sunglasses to really complete the style and elevate the dress.   

Office Chic

Denim dresses don’t have to be strictly casual either, so don’t hang them back in the wardrobe yet. Try wearing your office shirt underneath your dress, pop a cute cardigan over the top and finish it off with some sweet flat pumps. This look will be perfect for the office or any dressier occasion you have to attend.  

Go Bold

Denim tends to be one colour unless you go for the bleached look, so why not bring some uniqueness to your dress with patterns. You could opt for some interesting bright tights and a funky shirt underneath to bring a retro feel to the overall style.   

Biker Girl Style

Denim dresses also look great with leather! If you lean into an alternative style more, then add a leather jacket and chunky combat boots to grunge up your denim look. This outfit is perfect for late-night events and festivals too. 

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Do Double Denim

Rules are made to be broken, and that goes for fashion ones too. Why not wear your favourite denim jacket with your new denim dress. Double denim can look amazing if it’s done right. Try pairing a darker blue denim jacket with a lighter dress or go for the same type of denim for both. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and if you feel good in it, then you’ll definitely rock it. 

Denim can be a tricky fabric to style, but when it’s in the form of a dress, you can’t go wrong. Denim dresses are an easy and simple way to show off your own personal style, so make sure you add one to your wardrobe this summer!