The 10 Most Influential Websites of All Times

The World Wide Web referred to as “the web”, is a host to millions of websites and even more. It is the leading provider of information finding services with the help of the internet. Because the web users have access to a bunch of information documents, which are connected via hypertexts and hypermedia, known as hyperlinks which are links within the webpages with connected information.

The World Wide Web is thus like a container holding unlimited information for the public, societal institutes, and the global world. The browser is, however, a software that helps you access the World Wide Web, the most famous would be Chrome by Google. In addition, to access this, everyone needs to have a modem, router, and an internet service provider to get access to the internet. 

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There are many internet providers but to surf, today’s websites and other information require one with a good lag-free connection to keep the surfing smooth. For example, Mediacom internet is a provider of accessible internet services in the USA with availability in more than 20 states. Some like Iowa and Illinois being on the rural end also receive their service, while not many ISP’s have the same quality service in rural areas as in the urban areas. You can always check what provider is doing the best job in your area or judge based on your neighbor’s experiences but it all goes down to your usage and need. 

The web is now 30 years old and turning 31 this December on the 20th. An engineer and scientist Tim Berners-Lee was the one who launched the first website, which was run on a computer screen at CERN (a nuclear research center), based in Switzerland. 

It was not much at that time and was rather static than dynamic which most of the websites are now. This means that it is not simply to see or find information but used for much more like learning, building, entertaining, or simply to obtain and use that information. Websites now have dynamic content with pictures, video, graphics, personalization, etc.

Moreover, we have rounded up the top 10 websites of all times, mentioned in ascending order (10 to 1). Some have come a long way since their initial stages like Google and some have a long way to go such as Reddit or Pandora. 


The generation of today has no idea how matchmaking worked in the 20th century or the early 21st century when the internet was not used for social purposes such as dating, having relationships, etc. However, with the advent of verification and laws against online crime people started trusting the online world of dating. While there are many popular applications and social media sites, is a formal website for matchmaking and getting the right people together. 

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  • Reddit

It is a hub or online platform bringing the hottest news and topics to light with a huge following and downloading of its mobile application to always be informed. This is an informal/formal news channel but online and has billion of views. It is as the slogan of it describe it “the front page for the netizen on the internet”.

  • Pandora

There are many digital applications like iTunes and Spotify but Pandora is on a whole other level. It allows online streaming with many personalization options. It caters to its customers by showing interests based on likes and dislikes thus making it a personalized website for you to get the best out of it. There are also Family and premium options to get high-profile benefits.

  • WikiLeaks

Information was never this easy to find. Made in 2006 by Julian Assange to put in sensitive information that he believed people should know turning to a massive whistleblowing platform and involved in many propaganda, the view has shifted. 

It is then verified on various levels and may replace information on other public forums that people may believe to be true. While it did get itself involved in governmental and military operations, it is now serving as a library of confidential and leaked information that everyone looks up to. 

  • Wikipedia

Many people continue to doubt the platform. It is the encyclopedia within the internet. However, as open it is and with everything out there, it makes it a weak point, as people do not completely trust the source information comes from. This can also be edited by anyone who has internet but verification is required. Still, this does not make it 100 percent safe or believable. However, it is still a heavily trafficked site globally. 

  • The Pirate Bay

Many doubt its legality and the phrase “information should be free”. This site is famous for the heavy traffic of people who want more than information but want content that cannot be viewed easily like movies before public releases.  However, with time many things are becoming redundant and wanted on the internet like books. It violates sharing laws, yet has been running so far since 2003 with many updates and more policies to stop excessive pirating. For sure though, it is not going away anytime soon.

  • Youtube

We all know how important this has been and where it has come from.  It is now a mainstream platform for sharing graphics, video content, going live, and building connections. It has also influenced blogging and the public coming towards information sharing with only the help of handheld devices like phones. It is going place with its innovations like YouTube TV and earning much higher in revenue than ever before.

  • Facebook

We all know this by the website by heart, who the founder is, and what it means to people. It has come to great lengths since its advent. But, the question is where is it going to go with so much competition in the loop. It still has more followers than any other application being nearly above 2 billion. It is also no longer just for connection but business, news, sharing information and defining place for the global society. 

  • Amazon

The best of retail there is to what no one can beat in technology and much more. It has our eyes and ears hooked to screens and doors with news of orders arriving and new gadget releases. It just began with a book-selling store and look at it now. It is awe-inspiring and is a many consumer day-making website, as it has everything everyone wants with online shopping. 

  • Google

We all know Google and how important it is. It is the most visited site of all time and will always be so. It is no longer just a search tool for information but everything online. We all know how we go with “google it”. The most pervasive search engine and is not going down anytime soon.