Little Miss Twiggie Twinkles – A Guide to Using Scented Wax Melts, Cubes, and Tarts

Are you familiar with wax melts, cubes, or tarts? They have been moving into major retail stores lately, so you may have encountered them a few times. If you’re not familiar, you need to know that they are alternatives to candles without worrying about trimming the wick or checking the flame.

Wax melts, tarts, and cubes are wax chunks that are melted to release a specific aroma. They are flame-free, letting you enjoy the relaxing scent around your home. You can place them in a wax warmer, usually a light bulb with a warmer or a ceramic heater, to use them.

Below are the steps you need to follow to help you understand the process of how you can melt and enjoy the fragrance from your wax melts and tarts. 

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Look for a Tart Warmer or a Wax Melt

As mentioned earlier, you need a wax warmer to melt the wax cubes, melts, or tarts. Wax warmers come in various colours, shapes, styles, and designs. 

We recommend using a burner or wax melter designed for wax melts because other warmers can get a much higher temperature than what is required for your wax melts. It could leave your melts quickly burning out of fragrance.

Always Review the Instructions

Like in anything, you need to make sure that you read the instructions carefully before getting started with melting wax. You want to maximise its use and, at the same time, remain safe from accidents and harm.

Ceramic heaters have built-in warmers, while electric warmers have light bulbs serving as the heat source. If you’re using the electric one, you need to make sure to remove the plastic around the bulb before you use it.

If you have a wax warmer liner, you can place it on your warmer. Now, if your wax warmer has separate pieces, put the bowl on top of the base. However, if you have a silicon dish, there’s no need to put additional wax liner.

Put Your Wax Melt inside the Warmer

Choose which wax you will use: wax melts, tarts, or cubes (remember, make sure the warmer is specifically designed for your wax melts.)

Check if you have broken pieces of wax. If not, and your wax melts are in cubes, you need to break it off into pieces (approx 1 oz) and place it in your warmer. 

Use one wax cube at a time, depending on the intensity of the fragrance. Whatever you do, avoid adding water or oil to your wax melts.

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Turn On the Warmer

The next step is to turn on your warmer so your wax will start to melt and release the scent you specifically chose.

If you have an electric warmer, you need to secure a place before plugging it into any electrical outlet and even begin the melting process. Don’t leave your cord hanging around the counter or table, ensuring it doesn’t touch any hot surface.

Press on to activate your electric warmer or follow the instructions in your manual. If it doesn’t have a timer, you need to secure an alarm to keep track of the time and how much wax you are using. 

Watch out for an overflow of wax once in a while. If your wax warmer has a timer, then you can set the timer yourself. Don’t move your electric warmer while melting your wax.

You can immediately enjoy the fragrance as you begin to melt your wax.

Turn Off the Warmer 

Don’t forget to turn off your warmer once you’re done melting your scented wax melts, tarts, or cubes. This is especially important if your warmer doesn’t have a timer. 

Disconnect the cord by firmly gripping the plug. Wait for your wax to cool and solidify before removing the wax for the warmer.

Take Out Your Wax

Once your wax melts, cubes, or tarts are already cooled and solidified, you can scrape off the wax from the melting dish, discard the wax liner, and gently move the dish to take the wax out.

Don’t throw your used wax on drains. Take a paper towel or a cloth to wipe down the dish. You could place a drop of baby oil or a warm, soapy sponge to clean the dish inside. 

Finally, wipe it down with a piece of a soft cloth. 

Reuse the Wax Cubes, Melts, or Tarts

You do not need to throw your used wax away. You can still use it the next time you use your wax melt. You can reuse your wax many times until the fragrance is gone.


Wax melts, cubes, or tarts are great alternatives for scented candles without the flame and the wick. Once your wax melts, you can immediately smell its fragrance filling up your whole room. 

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