Powerful Enough to Maneuver One’s Freedom to An Independent Lifestyle

The word ‘power’ makes you feel that you have almost conquered the world. Power to get things done, power to move around, power to take control over your life and not depending upon anyone.

These power electric wheelchairs are versatile mobility vehicle that has been designed to take you safely around comfortably. These can be used ideally for both indoor and outdoor. These are better than wheelchairs for the simple reason that they can navigate easily. For wheelchairs, you need to have the strength of your upper body to navigate through. However, with the advancement in technology, an electric wheelchair makes your life comparatively easier. Predominantly for those who struggle to stand for long periods or those who cannot stand.

Found with many functions and features such as hand controller, chin controllers, seat elevation, leg elevation, tilting capabilities, the power electric wheelchairs are viewed as a boon to those who are unable to move around.

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Better than wheelchairs

As compared to hand-operated wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs are operated by many power packs that make them easier to control and also need less energy and work. It can be taken around the house, for going out, or even going up an incline. A wheelchair tends to make the user tired since it is used manually, while the one traveling on the electric wheelchair can go further without making the user tired and fatigue.

Electric wheelchairs for a comfortable life

It was created by George Klein for the wounded war veterans from World War 2. His invention paved way for modern power chairs and included basic features that are still found in today’s wheelchairs.

Electric wheelchairs are quite easy to operate, hence allowing greater comfortability. The reclining and tilting options help in relieving pressure and health function. They can easily cover rugged terrains or smooth pavements. It can be easily dissembled and folded

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To sway your decision to buy, we give you the reasons:

  •   Power electric wheelchairs are suitable for all, irrespective of your height or weight. They have been adapted to the severity of any disability. It allows you to move without effort.
  •   These electric wheelchairs are your best companion, 24×7. Use them indoors and outdoors and are ideal for operating in smaller places.
  •   Travel anywhere with ease. These are transport friendly and can be maneuvered on the sidewalk or other smooth surfaces, or even on an outdoor trip. You are provided with the power to travel anywhere.
  •   It is quite safe to use since there is less likely to tip over. The reason is that the center of gravity is much lower in an electric wheelchair.
  •   It will boost your confidence since they are easy to operate and you can travel anywhere without anyone’s help.
  •   Recognized for better security and mobility, it can be used by people with chronic conditions or kids and adults too

Selecting your chair after assessing your needs

Get expert advice from your doctor and occupational therapist. Get opinions from people with similar conditions and are using these electric wheelchairs. Make sure that the electric wheelchair must be individually fitted. Look for online sites that have an easy return policy.

Where to buy from?

So if you are looking to buy power electric wheelchairs, there quite a few options to buy from. Travel power wheelchairs, full-sized power chairs, and heavy-duty power chairs have been put up in the market to cater to the needs of the people. With many and many people opting for these electric wheelchairs, there has been a surge in similar products. Go through the websites carefully and then get the one that suits your needs.