Dominate Instagram With This Proven Content Strategy

Dominate Instagram With This Proven Content Strategy

71% of companies use Instagram for business purposes, meaning that they spend a great deal of time creating content for their Instagram account. If you’re looking to start posting regularly on Instagram, you must create an Instagram content strategy.

Doing this will ensure you’re creating content that will draw people to your page and get the follower engagement you’re looking for.

Review the Data

There’s something known as social media analytics that will be one of your strongest assets when creating content. You need to take time to review the analytics because it will give you insight into when to post and how often you need to post.

Your analytics will tell you when your target audience is the most active, and from there, you can create a schedule to release content during this time.

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Develop Your Style

When you take time to look at your competition’s Instagram pages, one thing you’ll notice is the page has an aesthetic that it follows. Take time to develop your own style that your page will follow.

Ensure that when you use the content strategy on Instagram, the style you choose speaks volumes about your brand and conveys your identity to followers. When they see a photo or video you’ve posted, they’ll know that it comes from your company.

Keep in mind that once you choose your page style, you need to remain consistent. As mentioned before, it will make it easier for your followers to identify your brand and increases brand visibility.

Be Creative

No one wants to follow a company that isn’t unique and does the same thing that other Instagram post do. It’s encouraged that you go beyond taking a picture, creating a caption, and posting it.

Now you need to take a step further and find different types of content that will spark your follower’s attention and keep the attention.

Instagram Stories Are Your Friend

Instagram stories are a way to further engage with your target audience. As a business, there are several ways you can use your Instagram story to your advantage.

You can use your story to let followers know about new products or sales that your company is rolling out. Or you can demonstrate the way a product works on your story.

However, you decide to utilize your story to ensure you use it to your advantage.

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Collaborate With Influencers

One of the best content strategies for Instagram involves collaborating with influencers and allowing them to promote your products and services. Influencers have hundreds of thousands of followers and can help to further your companies reach.

However, ensure that you take your time and choose the right influencer to partner with.

Creating an Instagram Content Strategy That Works

When it comes to your Instagram content strategy, there are some things you need to think about to create one that works. First, do your research and figure out when you’re going to post and how often you should post, according to analytics.

You might also want to think about collaborating with influencers to further your companies reach. Need more information about this topic or others?

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