Leading people with the Johari window model

You place a premium on trust and productive dialogues if you are standing in a leader’s place. If belief is not there, it would be complicated to work through any significant difficulties or concerns with your company’s people because well-reputed and well-mannered relationships would be impossible.

The Johari Window model is a tool that helps members of a group become more self-aware and understand one another. It’s beneficial for executives to examine what their company members think about them.

Joseph and Harry Johar, two familiar American psychologists, invented the platform Johar window. Its name was derived from the developers’ names, i.e., Jo for Joseph and Hari for Harry. It came into existence in 1955.

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Guide to the Johary Window

Understanding the mechanism of this window is one thing, while making it practical in the leadership world is quite another! This window model rigorously develops your leadership styles. Some crucial factors to consider while employing the Sense Of sight for effective management are described below.

Necessary data is put in front of a group of people openly when a leader invites it into honest discourse. Leaders let others know the pertinent data so they may make educated judgments or grasp the goals they must meet. The tricky part is getting knowledge out of the dark and into the light.

How does it work?

A collection of this type of window descriptors will be used to gather viewpoints. It brings up interesting ideas for discussion.l


  1. Chose the 5 best identifiers that best define your personality.
  2. Put this 5 describer in front of the group of knowledgable people
  3. Sort the data you got after proceeding into four panes of this window.
  4. For authenticity, discuss the results with the group.
  5. Make a suitable set of instructions to make betterments to your model. 

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Different cases of the Johri model Open 

Everything you’ve learned about that guy is in this area. It’s the difference between what and what person of the company knows about himself and what the rest of the band knows about them. The set of instruction that is made public could include, among other things, their deportment mastery, expertise, or talents.


The term “blind spot” is about how the group understands a person, but the group member would be unable to comprehend themselves.


The hidden plane is about information about a person they keep to themselves and do not share with the entire group. This could be due to their emotions, concerns, dedication, programs, or manipulation.


This section comprises all of the facts, sensations, and experiences that the person is ignorant of, such as a hidden innate skill. These


As previously stated, utilizing this method has several benefits for both the individual and the team.

  1. It boosts your self-awareness 
  2. It enhances your progress… 
  3. It can gradually promote the teamwork and mutual understanding,
  4. It may develop a good relationship between you and the man in front of you.

As a result of having a better understanding of themselves, the team will be able to interact with them more effectively and assist them in reaching their full potential. Group dynamics, team building, and inter-group connections can benefit from this.


Here’s where a word of warning comes in handy. There are a couple of drawbacks to using this model. 

  1. One potential is that the participant will interpret specific comments negatively. 
  2. It’s vital to be empathetic to the participant and avoid being judgmental when applying attributes.
  3. In addition, the member may have characteristics that they do not want others to know about, or fears may be passed on beyond the group.
  4. It’s crucial to stay within the participant’s comfort zone regarding transparency.

Final Words

This type of window tool is a unique and outstanding tool for leadership scholars. It enhances and boosts your leadership qualities in an authentic and valuable way. It can resolve any issue regarding grooming and development as a leader. It helps you to interact with the people within the group or company. It enables you to build trusting relationships among the members by connecting and dealing with one another. The only thing you can practice is to try it within a business environment and see how productive and effective it is.