Common accidents that happen in the oilfields industry

There are different types of work available. The safety and security of your life depend upon the workplace. Some industries, like oilfields, will have some issues. When working in an oilfield, it is essential to be very careful to avoid common oil field accidents. Before working in this field, you must ensure safety measures. You can hire professionals to handle the cases at the time of injuries. Nowadays, many industries face these injuries because they need to concentrate on safety measures. In this post, you will see about the common accidents that happen in the oilfield industry:

Fire and explosions

The explosion is a common accident in the oilfield industry. Explosions caused due to the process of drilling, blowouts, tripping out and swabbing, combustible gasses can exit and react with the air. These are the potential causes of the fires. Some other processes include cutting or welding near flammable materials and denoting perforating guns above ground. Safety training for these fire outbreaks might be better regarding having the required situational awareness. 

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Even in the oil drilling industry, falls do happen. In elevated rig sites, these occur most frequently. A grade or the open space may be reached by workers who fall from the top floor. These incidents cause many injuries but can be prevented if safety structures are fastened in the industry. There should be appropriate measures to secure workers while they operate on these elevated rigs. When you need an injury lawyer, you can hire an Oilfield accident lawyer who will help to fix your problems.


Strong chemicals are used in the extraction process. On a drilling site, even an essential task like changing a light bulb might result in an electric shock due to damaged or worn wiring in the electric circuit.

Wearing electrical insulators as protection and performing routine inspections to repair worn-out or damaged equipment are easy ways to prevent electrocution. You need to check the wires and insulators often to carry the electric system throughout the industries.

Defective oil field equipment

Many safety measures are taken in the oil field industry to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities. Sometimes the injuries happen due to the equipment and the tools needed in the drilling. In contrast, the old equipment will fail and cause fire, explosions, blowouts, and other accidents. So the oil field industries need to look into the necessary repairs or replace malfunctioning equipment to control the industry’s injuries.

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Gas poisoning

Gas poisoning is another prevalent disaster in the oil field industry. Workers might become poisoned when potentially working in the gases, such as hydrogen sulphide, build up in areas with little to no ventilation. People exposed to this gas will feel sick, and if medical attention is not given, they could face many issues in their health. Hydrogen sulphide is a colourless chemical that is very elusive to detect. Long-term consequences could result in erratic pulse, respiratory paralysis, and sudden collapse. When gauging and drilling, employees may be exposed to these substances. While working in a dangerous place, the workers should have proper safety dress to reduce severe health issues.

Rig collapse

When a rig is loaded over its design capacity, it will collapse. When the rig assessment is not sufficiently thorough or carried out by best practices, this might also lead to rig collapse. Regular mechanical problems resulting from carelessness, such as those discussed, will swiftly increase the likelihood of frequent accidents. So it would help if you appointed a separate worker to maintain the rigs. This will save the further fault and reduce the damage.

Final thoughts

In case of any injuries in your industry, there will be a case that you need to hire an Oilfield accident lawyer, and they will do a favour for you. Hopefully, you have learned about common accidents in the oilfield industry.