7 Interesting Pastimes for Bored Computer Owners

Getting bored when you have a computer is pretty hard. It should not come as a surprise that so many people rely on computers for work and entertainment, and if you have some free time with no idea how to pass it, why not let your computer help you with that?

This article will provide you with ideas that should keep you occupied the next time you are bored and have no clue what to do.

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Watch Videos

The first suggestion on the list is to watch videos. For the most part, you will likely stick to platforms like YouTube. These days, it is not that common to download videos on your computer so you can watch them later.

In addition, you might encounter some problems. For example, if you have a Mac, the odds are that your macbook won’t play videos because of the file format. And if you were to download videos, it would take extra time that you could instead be spending watching the videos.

Check Streaming Platforms

Similar to watching videos on YouTube, you can check streaming platforms and consume content on them. And we do not mean Twitch TV, which is a great source of entertainment by itself.

No, by streaming platforms, we mean services like Netflix and HBO. These networks have hours and hours of entertainment in the form of movies and TV shows. 

If you are a fan of sports, you can also find a local streaming service that shows your favorite teams. 

It is worth noting that streaming platforms cost money to use, but the investment is worth it when you have such a hassle-free method to access so much content on the go.

Play Video Games

Even if you are not an avid gamer, the idea of spending an hour or two playing video games is a worthwhile consideration. 

There are plenty of different video games in different genres, so even picky people should be able to find a title they can enjoy. And the same rule applies to those who have lackluster computer hardware. It is a drawback, but you also have indie games and other examples of video games that do not have high requirements.

Finally, if you do not wish to bother buying, downloading, and installing video games, try browser games. They might not be as popular as before, not to mention the lackluster quality, but for an hour or two, they can still be a good way to keep you busy and entertained.

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Optimize Your Computer’s Performance

If you have some free time and use the computer for work or studying, why not spend some of that time optimizing its performance?

Using an underperforming computer does not feel great, and you will thank yourself for investing some time in improving the device.

Clean the dust inside, free up disk storage, remove redundant startup items, delete unnecessary desktop shortcuts, and do other maintenance work so that you have fewer issues using the computer in the future. 

Read Blogs and Other Publications

You can browse the internet and read various blogs or big publications, such as The Atlantic or HuffPost. 

If there is a subject you are interested in, you can expect that there will be multiple articles from established authors covering the subject. 

Simply enter a phrase in Google, and you will have multiple pages recommended to you in seconds. And from here, you can begin discovering various bloggers who have different takes on subjects that interest you.

Learn New Things

Online education has opened doors for many people who are interested in learning a new craft or simply improving their knowledge of specific subjects.

For example, if you are thinking about a career switch and would like to learn to code, you can find a plethora of courses available on platforms like Skillshare and Udemy. Even YouTube has plenty of different video guides covering the basics and more advanced stuff. And you usually do not have to pay anything to watch these tutorials.

For some, the idea of spending free time learning might not sound like fun, but there are people who think the opposite, and if you fall into the latter category, then go for it.

Socialize With Others

Finding people to socialize with has become quite easy, thanks to social media. If you want to remain anonymous, communication platforms are a solid option as well. Discord is probably the best example of such a platform.

You can meet like-minded people and talk about things that are of interest to you. Of course, it is worth noting that there are certain dangers of oversharing personal details to online strangers, so be wary of that while you are talking to those you do not know.