The link between Tylenol with autism and ADHD

If you are a parent and your child was diagnosed with autism or ADHD, you may be able to link the reason behind this with the use of acetaminophen or Tylenol during pregnancy. Due to this possibility, you could also file a Tylenol lawsuit, and demand compensation with a team of experienced attorneys in Chicago. 

Acetaminophen or Tylenol is used to reduce pain or during fever. The medicines were considered safe during pregnancy. But recent studies have discovered that ingestion of this component during pregnancy may affect the baby in the womb. The risk of autism and ADHD in the babies has increased if the mothers are subjected to prolonged use of acetaminophen during pregnancy. Now the experts recommend not to use acetaminophen during pregnancy. 

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How can Tylenol affect pregnancy?

Tylenol, if taken during pregnancy, can affect the child in the womb. The potential risk of the components cast on the children is developmental disability, autism, ADHD, male reproductive and urogenital disorders, lower IQ, behavioral disabilities, delayed language disability, and early period onset in females.  

To reduce these risks, experts recommend that acetaminophen during pregnancy be minimized and better if not used. Take the medication only if medically indicated at the lowest dosage for a brief period. 

Does Tylenol cause autism, myth or fact?

A concrete link is not established between the usage of Tylenol and autism. But epidemiological studies indicate prenatal acetaminophen exposure may excite the risk of neurodevelopmental and behavioral disorders like ADHD and autism. 

A meta-analysis was done by researchers in 2018, and it consisted of seven studies and more than 130,000 mother-child pairs. The mothers and the children had to go for follow-ups for 3 to 11 years, depending on the studies. And the results of the studies imply that the mother taking Tylenol for a prolonged period had babies whose chances of autism were increased by 20%, and ADHD was increased by 30%. 

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How do you qualify for the lawsuit?

If you are facing issues of similar nature, then you must file a Tylenol lawsuit. You will need a few pieces of evidence to support your case. You must have the medical bills for the purchase of Tylenol and medical records showing that you were using Tylenol during pregnancy. Also, you must have records from the doctors that tell that the behavioral disorder in the child is due to the usage of Tylenol. Further, you must carry the child’s medical records from a consulting therapist.