10 Perfect Executive Summary Templates & Examples From SlideTeam

Every great business plan that ever bore fruit needed the approval of an executive board first. But going through a thick, data-clogged project report is hardly going to inspire interest and confidence. You need a crisp executive summary for that. An executive summary template can save you a world’s worth of time in composing a concise yet comprehensive gist of your million-dollar project proposal to put in front of your investors.

Elements of a perfect executive summary

Simply put, an executive summary is a short document to portray the key features of a more comprehensive report, proposal, or business plan. An executive summary presentation provides a preview to your investors and board executives, so they know what to expect from the detailed report. It should include the following elements:

  • A short description of your company’s management, advisors, and its history (in case you are presenting to your investors)
  • A brief outline of the product you hope to develop, its market, adaptability, and potential competition.
  • An overview of the financial requirements — the required start-up fund and your plan for acquiring the infrastructure for your project.

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Why do you need an executive summary?

The main motive behind putting together a plan summary is to introduce your reader to the chief elements of your submission without drowning them in details and data they don’t immediately need. 

An essential quality of any well-written executive summary is that readers become acquainted with a large body of information without having to go through reading it all. It is a tool for saving time and sparking interest. 

A viewer’s interest in a report often depends on the impression that its executive summary gives. This is why you need an impressive layout for presenting the executive summary of your business plan to your superiors. 

A pre-designed PowerPoint template will provide you with a structured outline to put your data in an organized and clear format. Not only does an executive summary template save you a world’s worth of time in editing and formatting, but it also enhances your report’s readability. To that effect, here is a list of SlideTeam’s best executive summary examples. Take a look.

Template 1

Download Executive Summary PPT Template

This executive summary PPT slide is designed by our team with different pictures and shapes to address your business summary impeccably. This presentation slideshow allows you to summarize many aspects of your business, such as unique partnerships, customers and tractions, new technology plans, and upgrades. 

Template 2

Download Business Plan Executive Summary PPT Template 

You can develop a sense of continuous improvement among your team by showcasing the problems and bottlenecks using this readymade business plan presentation. Going further, this executive summary presentation sample also encourages the workforce to develop strategic sales plans to augment and develop strong networks. 

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Template 3

Download Executive Summary Outsourcing Proposal PPT Template

With the help of our outsourcing executive summary PPT slide show, you can show the mission and vision of the company along with the agenda of the meeting to your workforce for developing a better understanding of the company. To thoroughly cover each aspect of a great proposal, we have included dedicated slides on product sales volume, critical areas, problems, and bottlenecks, etc. 

Template 4

Download Open Meeting Executive Summary PPT Template

The various stages mentioned in this meeting agenda PPT template are sales dashboard, financial dashboard, market share analysis, customer growth matrix, product sales volume, minimum performance requirements, funding requirements, and action plans. This template entices your readers to explore your entire project. 

Template 5

Download Executive Summary PPT Slide Template

Present your directors a bird’s-eye view of your business plan with this executive summary sample layout. You can highlight the background of your firm, capabilities of your project plan, acquired accreditation, and other promoters and shareholders within the well-defined sections of this business slide template. There is a bar diagram provided within this layout to present your financial projections efficiently.

Template 6

Download Executive Summary PPT Slide Template

Make the perfect impression in front of your audience with this executive summary PowerPoint slide template. You can describe your project’s key USP and competitive advantages, potential clients, company infrastructure and locational advantages, and staff updates. There is also a dedicated section in the template to help you present your financial particulars. 

Template 7

Download Executive Summary PPT Slide Template

You can include this executive summary presentation template in your next project to make a lasting impression on your audience. Elucidate your company’s vision and mission statement, the detail of your fellow promoters and shareholders, and the financial highlights within this slide template. 

Template 8

Download Marketing Plan Executive Summary PPT Template

Revamp your company’s marketing strategy with this executive summary slide layout. Showcase your product’s target demographics and prospective growth avenues through this project summary PowerPoint template. As this slide layout is entirely editable, you can easily make this executive summary your own to fit your unique requirements. 

Template 9

Download Important Points of Executive Summary PPT Template

Leave a lasting impression on the boardroom with this professionally designed PPT slide template. The five-step table allows you to organize your executive summary for your team correctly. Easily describe your business overview, target market, operational highlights, sales forecasting, and investment needs to your company executives with this presentation layouts.

Template 10

Download New Business Plan Executive Summary PPT Template

Make use of this executive summary slide to portray the salient features of your latest money-spinner to your board of directors. Explore and explain the salient features of your business plan, such as the financial summary, milestones, products, and target market through this PPT executive summary layout.  

To sum up

An executive summary presentation can make or break your prospects. Organizing your research and data in clearly defined sections and slides of a presentation not only saves time but also raises the interest and receptivity of your readers. Therefore, using a pre-designed PowerPoint template for your executive summary presentation is the smart way to go about your business plans. You can also get in touch with our design team for custom-made solutions for your presentation needs.