WordPress Security Vulnerabilities & Their Fixes

It is not even up for discussion that today WordPress is without a doubt the most used content management system or CMS in the world. It being open source is one of the biggest factors which boosts its overall popularity. According to the latest reports, WordPress holds around 33% of the entire market share, which sums up to millions of existing websites, both big and small. All this makes WordPress the very first choice for designers, bloggers and business owners.

Despite being so popular and powerful, even WordPress is not free from a security vulnerability. Even after the fact that this platform is so popular, most developers are not aware of how to deal with certain WordPress vulnerabilities. Even when a developer has completed building a certain website, they feel that only installing an SSL certificate is enough to secure that particular website.

WordPress security is thus a very crucial feature that you need to be properly informed about before you choose this platform to build a website of any kind. When you are the owner of a web development company then security is a point that should always be at the top of your priorities.

This blog is here to inform you about the WordPress security vulnerabilities, that you can come across while or after you have developed a WordPress website. Staying informed about these WordPress security issues will help you stay prepared for them and take necessary measure to fix them. Making use of WordPress security plugins can prove to be helpful. This blog will also inform you about the solutions to those security problems.

According to a statement of Dre Armeda, Co-founder of Sucuri, “People are and will continue to be the biggest security issue with WordPress.”

According to this statement, it is apparent that most of the vulnerabilities that occur in WordPress, do because of the negligence of the WordPress security team which is employed by a particular company. Cybercriminals also make plans to attack the vulnerability of companies like these. Situations like these are apparent in companies who are either startups or do not have proper knowledge and experience in the field of security.

Finally, it is time to talk about some of the most encountered vulnerabilities of WordPress and how with the help of WordPress security updates, those vulnerabilities can be fixed.

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Security Vulnerabilities and Fixes for WordPress

Themes and plugins which are outdated

Like any other popular software, the themes and security plugins of WordPress may develop different kinds of vulnerabilities. As soon as developers get the information about these vulnerabilities, they immediately make changes in the code to update the software.

Now when you as a site owner, neglect somehow that you need to update a particular software, then it becomes easier for hackers to break through the security of the application.

The solution to this vulnerability is simply to keep your website updated with the latest code so that the security cannot be breached. This process is not as simple as it seems, as updates are rolling in continuously and it is difficult to always implement them on time. One effective technique to solve this issue is to set aside a particular day of the week when you will deal with all the updates.

Another way is to spend money on a WordPress development company, which will make sure that your website is updated at all times.

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Use of pirated plugins

This practice of using pirated software on a WordPress website is very common, especially among startups. These companies do such a thing because they get to enjoy the premium features for free. They, however, do not realise that they are basically increasing the risk to their website by ten times. Pirated software allows entry of malware and backdoors. 

There are mainly two solutions to an issue like this, first and foremost id the obvious. You need to make sure that your website is free from any kind of pirated themes or plugins. Secondly, you need to make sure that whenever you think of purchasing or downloading a plugin, do it only if it is from a trusted source.

Vulnerable login page

The login page of any website provides you with access to the WordPress dashboard, and this is the reason why hackers generally target this one more than any other page. It becomes, even more, easier to access when the username and password are not as strong.

The solution to this vulnerability is also two-fold. Firstly you can take the time and think of a difficult username and password so that hackers are not able to break through them and secondly, you can let WordPress to auto-generate strong usernames and passwords for you.


Hackers will always tend to find their way through vulnerabilities in websites, but you need to do as much as you can to keep yourself secure. Keeping in mind about the cautionary measures, you can prevent any hackers to breach the code of your WordPress website.

The above three scenarios give you an idea of how a WordPress website can be hacked and what to do in case that happens. These problems and solutions are applicable both in citations where you either spend money on WordPress Development Services or hire WordPress Developers.