Why Self Storage Is Still An Essential Service For University Students 

As your semester is looming and the summer is also approaching, you must have got a lot on your hand, from assignment submission to research papers that will surely eat a lot of your free time. And yes, how could you forget that you’ll have to pack up all the stuff you accumulated in your off-campus apartment/dorm room before leaving for the vacation.

If you’re one of those with stacks of belongings, like clothing, electronics, textbooks, supplies, and furniture, then hauling all your belongings back home for the summer is not going to work. Moving your stuff to and from your dorm can be time-consuming, costly, and stressful—for both you and your parents.

However, instead of hauling your expensive items during your transitions, why don’t you rent a self-storage unit so that your belongings can remain safe and secure when you’re not around?

Yes, we are talking about a self-storage service, which is an affordable, convenient, and most demanding storage solution in the UK, accommodating almost everything, from car to furniture and other belongings, temporarily and permanently. 

Thanks to those 1,900 self-storage sites, offering space for more than 49 million sq. ft. with an average size of 25,700 sq. ft.

If you are not sure whether to rent a self-storage, you are at the right place; we will tell you why you need self-storage for all your belongings. 

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Importance of Self Storage for University Students 

Whether it’s your last year at the university or you are leaving the campus for summer only, stress regarding the safety and security of your belonging started way back; so, before you leave campus for the holidays, rent out a self-storage. 

These are the possible benefits that you, as a university student, can capitalize on if you start using a self-storage facility.

  • Keep Your Storage Cost Budget-friendly

Saving money is essential, especially during studies; luckily, you can save a lot on storage costs with a self-storage service. 

Talking about its size variations and price range, storage facilities offer a wide variety of storage unit sizes, starting from 3 x 5 (15 sq. ft.) per unit, equivalent to a walk-in closet. It’s sufficient to accommodate your furniture, mattresses, and smaller items.

To offer further convenience, some storage facilities offer month-to-month leases, in which you pay rent for just the specific time only. With storage units, you will not be burdened with long-term commitments. You can buy for as much time as you need, with no strings attached.

Some facilities also have special offers for university students, like no first month’s rent.

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  • Keep Your Belongings Safe and Organized 

Who would like to leave their possessions in a dorm or apartment with strangers around? Isn’t it nerve-wracking to give valued belongings in the care of someone else? 

What if someone mishandles or steals any of your personals, or your room gets broken into? 

It’s imperative to rent a storage unit equipped with an alarm system and 24/7 video record surveillance to keep your belongings safe and secure. Many self-storage facilities offer added security features, like gated entry, fenced parameters, and climate-controlled self-storage units for delicate items, such as musical instruments, computer equipment, or electronics.

  • Ease In Moving & Finding New Housing

Suppose you’re going to graduate this summer and soon start the next chapter in life. In that case, renting a self-storage unit is a great idea, especially if you’re moving with friends or thinking of renting a small apartment that cannot accommodate all your dorm room furniture and other belongings. 

Keeping your belongings safe in one place will help you find a new home and ease you in moving; you can keep the extra yet valuable stuff in the storage unit and move only the needed ones into your new apartment. 

Many good storage facilities also offer delivery and packing facilities, so call them up and let them pack and move your stuff from your dorm to your new place. 

  • Easily Downsize When You Need To

Even before Marie Kondo taught us the art of decluttering for peace of mind, people have had a strong desire to get rid of things to make their spaces feel lighter and brighter. But we can’t just throw out our belongings. This is all the more true for students who have very little, to begin with. 

That’s why temporary storage facilities are excellent for students who want to keep their belongings safe but out of sight. Here’s a quick list of what your self-storage unit will allow you to store:

Items you CAN store  Items you CAN NOT store 



Sporting equipment

Seasonal yard tools



Business inventory




Anything flammable or combustible (i.e., car batteries, gas, propane tanks)

Vehicles not in working order

Self-storage can help you take care of the immediate problem of clutter, so you can slowly go through the things you own and get rid of them at your own pace. This method can be convenient, especially if you have a sentimental attachment to your things. 

Or you could just store away seasonal clothes and décor and switch them out several times a year, so your wardrobe and dorm room are always up to date.

Wrapping up

Before moving home for this summer, make some smart decisions and store all your belongings – from furniture to kitchen items, mattresses, textbooks and supplies, bedding and linens, and seasonal clothing – in a self-storage unit.