Why do we have snakes as pets?

Chances are, you have begun to notice the massive popularity of snakes as pets within recent decades. Because of this, you have developed a certain curiosity as to why people have suddenly acquired an affinity with the world of these unconventional animals. You might even be considering purchasing and caring for one at this moment. 

Whatever the case, there are a variety of reasons that you and others are exploring the possibility of snake ownership. While there is no “wrong” reason to want to own snakes, here are some of the more common aspects of reptile ownership that attract people to the hobby. 


While snakes may not be the first thing you would think of as “companion animals”, they certainly do provide a level of company that you will enjoy. They’re undemanding, don’t destroy furniture, and may even enjoy hanging around your shoulders/arms for hours. As long as your expectations remain tempered – and don’t assume that your reptile will act like a cat or dog, your scaly friend can provide a certain level of companionship for years to come.  

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They’re Cool Looking

Regardless of what type of snake you eventually decide to go for, you will have no shortage of stunning patterns and colorings (known as “morphs”) to choose from. Ball pythons alone have over 4,000 varieties of morph, and corn snakes 800. While rarer, more exotic morphs may be more expensive, there are plenty of gorgeous varieties that are very reasonably priced (and I find the original forms of these snakes to look awesome anyway).  

The Community

When you seek out a snake for sale and take a peek into the reptile community, you join hundreds of people in the shared joy of keeping, breeding, and researching these animals. You will have dozens upon dozens of blogs, videos, forums, and other various resources from reptile-keeping veterans to turn to. These resources will assist you in everything from questions regarding your pet’s health to connecting you to reputable breeders and vets.   

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To many people, reptiles are odd, mysterious, inscrutable animals. We are generally unfamiliar with a lot of their behaviors and wants. They don’t demonstrate a lot of the same behavior as various domestic animals in our lives. They are also beautiful, majestic animals that command a certain amount of attention and respect. For some, this is a point of curiosity and even admiration. This leads to the desire to keep, observe, and even breed these animals. For many, attempting to understand these animals a bit better leads to a wonderful relationship with various reptiles, and even a lifelong career.  

Final Thoughts

Seeking out a snake for sale, setting up its enclosure, and cohabitating with it for around 20 years (depending on the species) is no small feat. However, doing so opens your life and home to a wonderful, exciting world. It can lead you down the path to a cool new hobby, and expose you to a variety of wonderful people and animals. You may even be surprised by how much you eventually come to enjoy the company of these slithery serpents.