Home Tech Which POS billing software for the restaurants is the best? – my top 5 picks

Which POS billing software for the restaurants is the best? – my top 5 picks

by Paresh Bramhane
Which POS billing software for the restaurants is the best

Operating a restaurant needs more than the ability to create delectable dishes, especially in the post-pandemic situation – where survival is a serious issue for any restaurant scale. Additionally, for the same purpose, the significance of POS billing software increases. Experiential hoteliers understand that running a sustainable restaurant needs a diverse range of operational management skills, a retail-specific point-of-sale infrastructure, and an effective marketing campaign.

Many SMEs are now familiar with the terms POS system and Online billing software for enterprises. The main objective of these applications is to manage inventory, revenue, consumer management, and other functions necessary for a restaurant to operate efficiently.

You might have noticed that hotels and restaurants are increasingly embracing digital technologies, such as taking orders from tablets or smartphones, table booking and waiting apps, and much more. A POS system for retail stores can do much more for the respective businesses.

Top 5 POS billing software for restaurants

The demand for cloud-based POS (Source – Finances Online)

According to the finance survey, nearly 10 out of 6 merchants are looking for cloud-based POS billing software. Now you can have an idea about the demand for POS systems.

Top 5 POS billing software for restaurants

With populous options of online billing software for enterprises, here is the list of the top 5 from my end.

1.    QuickBooks

QuickBooks Point of Sale is a POS system for a retail store ideal for various small companies, including clothes and shoe retailers, small chains, sports goods stores, and gift shops.


It includes software for product and consumer management, sales preparation, and a tablet-compatible point-of-sale system. There are cloud-based and on-premise implementation options.

Its POS software provides standard point-of-sale functionality, such as billing and refund collection, in addition to inventory control. It enables consumers to maintain track of inventory, detect products that are approaching sell-out, and position orders for restocked items.

Additionally, the app stores consumer details to allow customers to monitor their shopping background and purchasing behavior. The Shipping Manager module enables users to customize price tags and receipts, set discount rates, log layaways, administer loyalty schemes, and send shipments. The point-of-sale framework integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks accounting applications.

2.    Moon Invoice

With Moon Invoice’s POS billing software, you can endure seamless operations. It maintains and monitors billing information, records all revenue, accepts credit card payments, sends payment alerts, and gets free bank transfers, among other features.

Moon Invoice

It is valuable and helpful to restaurants in inventory management and bills, but it is highly safe. In any business apart from the customers, data is the 2nd most valuable thing. And when it comes to payment integration, the online billing software of enterprises has 10+ payment integration.

It gives a wide range to customers and users when it comes to paying the bill.

3.    Zoho

If you operate a single store or a network, Zoho’s POS system for retail store is what you need to handle them more effectively. With Zoho’s POS, you don’t need a stock list, manual cash register, or ledger as it comes with built-in records, quick invoicing, and a seamless reimbursement process.


Its built-in CRM integrations can assist you in successfully enhancing and maintaining client relationships. Tracking shopping behavior enables you to give loyal buyers offers and alert them regularly about deals and sales events.

4.    Square

Since each company is unique, Square offers a range of POS systems to assist you. If you operate a restaurant, small or large – it fits right according to your business requirement.


Square POS supports all types of Visa cards, American Express, Debit and credit cards, and loyalty cards, in addition to Apple Pay, Google Pay, and physical gift cards. Additionally, you can store payment information for existing clients to bill them quickly and efficiently, deliver invoices directly to customers’ inboxes, and process personalized or itemized returns from Square POS.

Square’s POS system for retail store enables companies to track ongoing conflicts, protect against and monitor theft, and encrypt all data.

5.    GoFrugal

GoFrugal POS is a POS system for retail store that enables merchants in various sectors to handle their delivery and billing processes and simplify financial transactions. The solution may be installed on-premises or in the cloud.


The inventory management module in GoFrugal enables users to produce inventory data, fill consumer orders, and automate purchasing. Additionally, users have access to a single consumer database that allows them to monitor client orders, payment records, and personal information such as birthdays and anniversaries.

POS billing software enables users to allocate sales commissions, add discounts to products, and configure various employee protection levels. Additionally, GoFrugal acts as online billing software for enterprises that includes a general ledger account payable and accounts receivable. Further, users can process payroll via this module.

Wrap Up

That concludes the top five choices for the leading POS billing software specifically for restaurants. The only piece of advice remaining is to do what is more appropriate for your situation. It may be a combination of a point-of-sale device and Online billing software for enterprises.

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