When to Call an Auto Accident Lawyer in Arizona

Arizona is a bustling state brimming with traffic, and where there’s lots of traffic, there’s bound to be more than a few accidents. Car accidents are the leading cause of death for US citizens aged 1-54 years. 

Nobody plans for a road accident, so when it happens, it’s okay not to know what to do next. For most people who get out unscathed, calling their lawyers comes almost naturally. Getting an auto accident lawyer in Arizona isn’t a challenge, but do you really need one?

With pending medical bills and a host of other issues, contacting your lawyer may be in your best interest. An accident attorney is your best bet of avoiding hefty medicals, getting a fair claim, and getting compensation for any work-related inconveniences.

It’s not easy deciding whether you should call a lawyer and when you should do so. In this piece, we’ll look at situations when you should contact an Arizona auto accident lawyer and why you should do so.


Who Is an Auto Accident Lawyer?

An accident lawyer or accident attorney will represent victims of automobile accidents. The lawyer helps you settle your claim with your insurance provider so you can get a fair claim. An auto accident lawyer can assist you in the following:

  • Contacting the other driver’s insurance provider
  • Sorting out your medical records and bills
  • Liaising with your doctors to obtain the necessary medical information the court requires
  • Organizing evidence and present the evidence in court 
  • Work out a satisfactory settlement with the defense attorney

An auto accident lawyer is invaluable in an accident settlement case. They are way better than exchanging contacts and waiting for your insurer to contact you. However, the million-dollar question is, when should one call an accident lawyer?

What Warrants an Auto Accident Lawyer in Arizona?

Note that not every accident or car crash might merit legal representation. However, any accident that amounts to severe injury is always a solid case for an accident attorney. If you encounter any of the following, it’s a good idea to call your accident lawyer.

  • If your accident resulted in severe injury to you or your family/friends
  • Any accident occurring in a work zone, quarry, or construction site
  • If the accident involved any other motorist, pedestrian, or even cyclist
  • When it’s not clear who was at fault 
  • When the insurance companies aren’t being candid with you

It may not be necessary to call a lawyer if you have a no-injury accident. You can work out minor scratches or minor hits to the bumper with the other driver. However, if you experience significant damage to your vehicle, then you’ll need to call your auto accident attorney. 

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What to Do After a Car Accident

After an accident, taking the right steps will ensure you have a strong case to present in your settlement agreement or in court. You might feel a bit shaken after an accident, but try your best to do the following.

Call 911

The first thing you should do after an accident is call 911. You can report your accident and get the police or paramedics to the scene. Both the police and paramedics will compile a report which will be instrumental in establishing fault and liability.

Call Your Lawyer

Insurers are a crafty bunch and might try to offer you a lower settlement after an accident for convenience’s sake. Contact a Los Angeles auto accident lawyer after a crash to sidestep any swindling by the insurance company.

Collect Enough Evidence

Collecting evidence, in this case, doesn’t mean collecting blood samples or fingerprints. All you have to do is pull out your smartphone and take a few photos of the accident site. Make sure you get the license plates, eyewitness information, and any other necessary information.

What Shouldn’t You Do After a Car Accident?

Now that we’ve got everything you should do after an accident down pat let’s look at what you shouldn’t do. If you want things to go your way, never do the following after an accident.

Keeping Mum

The worst thing you could do after a car accident is keeping quiet about the whole situation. By keeping quiet, we mean not reporting the accident to 911. Only exchanging information with the other driver and forgetting about the whole thing may work to your disadvantage.

Taking the Settlement

The insurance company may adopt a “take it or leave it” approach to coerce you into accepting their settlement. Despite the pressure, it’s a good idea to hold on until you talk to a qualified lawyer for legal counsel. There’s a high chance that the insurer is shortchanging you.

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Accepting Blame

Courtesy is a good virtue, but it’s okay to let courtesy take the back seat when it comes to car accidents. Apologizing after a car accident might do you in. Make sure you don’t say anything that can implicate you as the driver at fault.

Knowing what to do and what not to do after a car accident will go a long way in ensuring you secure a fair claim. However, you’ll still need a skilled lawyer to walk you through the entire process and fight for a fair claim.

Only the Right Lawyer Can Do Your Bidding

When looking for an auto accident lawyer in Arizona, make sure you do your homework. Only a skilled and reputable lawyer can confer to you the legal representation you need. That’s why you should only settle for an accredited lawyer with a good track record and proper experience.

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