What to Wear on a walking tour

Are you traveling to New Orleans? Have you decided that you’d like to book a tour  but you are wondering what attire to put on for a walking tours of New Orleans . In this post, I’ll discuss what to wear in every season in New Orleans on a walking tour.

I visited New Orleans in March and the week before had been foggy. I constantly consulted the forecast before picking what to pack, as I do not like wasting time at airports. I vowed to travel with just my carry-on to be able to start my exploration quickly!

Leave these at home if traveling to New Orleans

Skip the stilettos and dressy outfits, unless your plans require some chic attire.

Visiting New Orleans is most enjoyable when you explore by foot; therefore, it is advisable to wear comfortable footwear and leave the stilettos at home.

Dress for the weather

When the weather turns rainy, an easy solution? Reach for a cotton dress and rain boots! Now you won’t have to worry about wet pants, plus your skin will be drying off in no time.

In New Orleans, where the rain often seems to go sideways, a rain poncho or coat gives you better coverage than hunkering down under an umbrella.

What to wear in New Orleans in Fall

New Orleans experiences cooler weather in the fall months, with average temperatures from 53 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the ideal time to visit.

A leather jacket can add variety to any wardrobe, making it easier to create the perfect look for any situation.

What to Wear in New Orleans in Winter

In New Orleans, winters tend to be cold due to the low temperatures and high humidity.

It is important to be prepared for a wide variety of weather conditions during this time, ranging from 30-70 degrees. Layering waterproof materials and breathable fabrics such as jeans and other layers is advised in order to stay comfortable.

It is recommended to bring a little black dress if the destination requires adhering to a dress code.

What to Wear in New Orleans in Spring

Enjoy the temperate days and mild nights of springtime in New Orleans – it’s the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and discover the city!

Be ready to experience the French Quarter in comfort – pack a light jacket and comfy shoes!

The beginning of the festival season typically occurs during Spring and it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing. Seersucker is a popular fabric choice for the Spring and Summer months in New Orleans.

What to Wear in New Orleans in Summer

New Orleans in the summer feels like standing on the edge of an oven: hot, humid, and swelteringly unforgettable!

Don’t get stuck in a sticky situation! Pack your outdoor adventures with light-color cotton and linen fabrics to stay cool – and don’t forget extra underwear; Swamp Ass is real, folks!

In New Orleans, lightweight layers or breezy linen are your best bet for style and comfort when the heat is on – white pieces always a stylish summer staple!

During the Summer, there are several events such as Red Dress Run and White Linen Night that specify clothing requirements.