What Is Sedsvc.Exe? Explained In Detail

What is sedsvc.exe? Whether it is useful or harmful all you will read in this article. Do you want to know is it a virus or not? Do not need to worry about it, here I will help you with it. It will improve your operating system or reduce disk usage all such information will be explained to you here. You will find everything about sedsvc.exe what is it in Windows 10 in detail in this article. So continue reading further to understand.

What Is Sedsvc.Exe?

Sedsvc.exe is generally an executable file that is installed on your PC after Windows 10 update. The sedsvc.exe file is not a virus. It is just a basic upgrade feature to change your Windows on your PC. It comes with Windows Update KB4023057 along with Windows Setup Remediations. The sedsvc.exe procedure or sedsvc Windows Remediation Service updates from the Microsoft Windows Operating System program by Microsoft.

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What Is Sedsvc.Exe In Windows 10?

Sedsvc.exe in Windows 10 is part of the windows update itself. It is stored in C:\Program Files\rempl\. Reliability upgrade KB4023057 for Windows 10 is built to boost Windows Update Service components so that every edition of Windows 10 can be upgraded to the new version. This is a background operation, and the name of the service is sedsvc.exe. The service will repair Windows Update Components.

What Does Sedsvc.Exe Do?

Sedsvc.exe does a background operation and the service name is sedlauncher.exe. Windows Upgrade Components which will be restored in Windows 10. The Sedsvc.exe is part of the upgrade. It is stored in C:\Program Files\rempl\. This is an upgrade KB4023057 for Windows 10 is intended to improve the Windows Update Service components so that any edition of Windows 10 can be updated to a new version.

Is Sedsvc.Exe A Virus?

The sedsvc.exe file is not a virus. Sedsvc.exe is a computer program that was most likely to have appeared on your computer without even knowing it. This sedsvc.exe file is part of the Windows 10 upgrade process, and even when you reset windows, you can find this software running in your windows process list. I suggest you not delete this file as it is used to update the performance of windows and is a secure file.

What Is Rempl Folder And Sedsvc.Exe?

The rempl folder and sedsvc.exe file in Windows 10 are located C drive on the computer. Where sedsvc.exe is an executable file that has been developed by Windows Corporation and is part of Windows. It is installed because a lot of updates are going to take place on your Windows 10. The program is digitally signed by Microsoft Windows and can be found in C:\Program Files\rempl\folder.

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How To Prevent Sedsvc.Exe High Disk Usage?

Below we have mentioned the process for what is sedsvc in task manager to stop high disk usage. If you experience high disk utilization, it is understandable to temporarily disable sedsvc task manager sedlauncher.exe on Windows 10.

You can disable sedsvc.exe services by doing the following steps on your computer.

  1. Go to the taskbar and right-click the windows icon
  2. Select the task manager from the options or simply click on the Ctrl + Alt + Del to open the task manager directly.
  3. scroll to the Windows Remediation Service
  4. Right-click on the selected file 
  5. Click the end task
  6. Now restart your computer 
  7. Let the change take effect.

How To Remove Sedsvc.Exe Process Permanently?

Below we have mentioned the process for removing the sedsvc.exe file. You will need to follow the below steps:

  1. Go to This PC or My Computer Folder.
  2. Then locate to the C drive.
  3. In C drive go to the C:\program-files\
  4. Then go to Rempl Folder
  5. Search for sedsvc.exe file in the Rempl folder
  6. Now delete permanently the sedsvc.exe file.


Is Explorer EXE A Virus?

No, explorer.exe is not a virus. The Explorer.exe is a secure Microsoft Windows device operation named “Windows Explorer”. However, you may find that viruses, worms, and Trojans have the same file name ending with .exe that are purposefully made by the program writers or hackers.

Is YourPhone.Exe A Virus?

No, YourPhone.exe is not a virus. YourPhone.exe is a software application created by Microsoft. So it is not ransomware, it’s a safe operation. You should make use of the anti-virus and net protectors so that you can scan and detect the virus files.

Is Sedlauncher A Virus?

No, Sedlauncher is not a virus. It is the sedlauncher.exe the sedsvc.exe is a computer program that appears on your computer after windows update to Windows 10.

Can I Delete The Rempl Folder?

Yes, you can delete the Rempl folder if you want to. 

You can find the Rempl folder by following the steps given below:

  1. Open This PC  or My Computer
  2. Go to C drive and open it
  3. Click on Program Files
  4. Search for the Rempl Folder
  5. Now you can delete it.

What Is Ruxim Folder In Program Files?

The RUXIM Interaction Campaign Scheduler (RUXIMICS. EXE) is used by the Windows Update. When is started the data collected is used to help keep Windows up to date and performing properly.


In the above, you read about what is sedsvc.exe for Windows 10. You came to know about the sedsvc.exe in Windows 10. I explained why the sedsvc.exe is there in the windows update feature. You also understood the procedure for disabling the sedsvc.exe. All the information you learned of what is sedsvc.exe here was very useful to you.