What Is Poplin? How It Is Made And Benefits

Do you know what is poplin? You must have seen many different materials one of them you must have heard of is poplin. Poplin is a very famous material used to make designer wear as well as daily wear. You can easily find poplin clothes in the market and also must have worn some clothes made of this material. Today let us understand what is poplin fabric in detail. Keep reading to know everything about it.

What Is Poplin?

Poplin is one of the smooth durable fabric with tightly woven yarns. Commonly it includes cotton yarns but sometimes silk or wool are also used to make it. If you look closely you will see very thin intersecting ribs. Poplin doesn’t wrinkle easily so it is very popularly used in shirts and dresses. Poplin fabrics also have a luxurious shine to them. 

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Poplin Definition

Poplin is a plain-woven cotton fabric with horizontal and vertical ribs. Poplin is originated from the French term known as “Papelino”. Another word for poplin is tabbinet. It is a simple fabric that has plain weaves of any other fabric with intersecting ribs. There are different types of poplin available in the market. While reading further you will come to know about its types. 

Types Of Poplin

There are different types of poplin I have picked for you that are easily available in the market.

  • Cotton Poplin

The cotton poplin is a plain weave cotton fabric. They usually come in different weights from heavyweight fabrics to lightweight fabrics.

  • Stretch Poplin

The stretch poplin is a combination of cotton with a little bit of spandex. This material is breathable and easy to iron. The stretch poplin gives an ultra-smooth feels to your hands. It is perfect for shirts and blouses.

  • Silk Poplin

Silk Poplin is great for all sorts of clothing like loungewear, pillowcases, skirts, and accessories.

This fabric has a silk blend with a glossy look.

  • Synthetic Poplin

Synthetic Poplin is used for pajamas, women’s wear, and sportswear.

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What Is Poplin Made From?

Popin is made from two different kinds of thick yarns in plain weaves.  Many types of fabrics are blend together to create poplin in its best form. Earlier poplin was just a plain weave fabric designed using But nowadays poplin is made by using 100% real cotton that makes them lightweight.

What Is Poplin Fabric Used For?

Poplin Fabric is used for making many types of men and women dresses. During the wars, they were used in making military uniforms now they are used most commonly used for making

  • Formal wear
  • Casual Wear
  • Shirtings
  • Summer wear clothes
  • Raincoats
  • Sportswear
  • Home decor
  • Bedding
  • Table clothes

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Poplin

By seeing the usage of poplin fabric you got to know Poplin has many different characteristics. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of poplin you should know.


  • The poplin fabric is breathable and lightweight. It will keep you cool throughout the day.
  • It is the most comfortable fabric that can be worn on all sorts of occasions.
  • Poplin is machine washable which is why they are easy to clean and maintain. You can also hand wash or dry clean them.
  • Their water and stain-resistant quality help you to survive stains giving you a polished look.
  • The pants made from poplin fabric won’t crease while seating or driving.


  • The poplin fabric is very thin.
  • They are not ideal for the winter seasons because of the thinness. If you are living in a cold climate it will not keep you warm.
  • When you are ironing poplin you need to use a medium or warm setting.
  • Using very hot water while washing makes the poplin shrink.

Poplin Vs Other Fabrics

Poplin fabric is often compared with other fabrics like cotton, oxford, twill, and broadcloth. Now let us see how they are better than the other fabrics available in the market.

  • Poplin Vs Cotton

Poplin is produced by using a simple over or under weave design by using fine threads. But cotton uses even finer thread with a buttery smooth texture.

  • Poplin Vs Oxford

Poplin has a tighter weave with a smooth and softer surface. The yarns in Oxford are woven in basket weave design with a textured surface. In Oxford, the weaves are thicker which keeps you warm as compared to poplin.

  • Poplin Vs Twill

Poplin fabric is better suited for hot and humid weather regions. In the cold regions when the temperature drops down Twill fabric will keep you warm. In twill fabric, you get a diagonal pattern with a sturdy base layer. 

  • Poplin Vs Broadcloth

Poplin uses fine yarns while weaving which is why they are very soft to touch. In Broadcloth much thicker yarn is used for weaving.



What Is The Difference Between Cotton And Poplin?

You may often get confused between cotton and poplin fabric. Below I have mentioned some points which will help you to differentiate between them

  • Poplin fabric has a tight weave with a fine thread, while Cotton uses very fine threads. 
  • cotton is sheerer than poplin, you need to wear layers below it. 
  • Poplin fabric wrinkles less as compared to the Cotton fabric.

What Does Poplin Feel Like?

Poplin fabric feels very soft and smooth to touch. They are very light in weight, shiny with very comfortable to wear. Poplin does not stain or wrinkle easily while being seated.

Is Poplin Fabric Good For Summer?

Yes, poplin fabric is very good for summers. As they are lightweight, they keep you cool in summers. Their breathable quality makes it suitable for making summer clothes.

Is Poplin Like Flannel?

No, Poplin is not like flannel. Poplin is a woven fabric with horizontal and vertical ribs, while flannel is a material woven from wool that is combined with synthetic fiber or cotton.


In my article, you got to know what is poplin and its types. There are different qualities of poplin which I have listed above for you. Poplin has a flawless texture and is lightweight that makes it ideal for shirtings, summer wear, and home furnishing. Poplin fabrics generally have low maintenance and are manageable for your daily outings. I have mentioned everything about  what is poplin that you must know about.