What Is Parawood? Everything You Should Know About It

You must have heard about Parawood chairs, Parawood dining tables but do not know what is Parawood? I am here for helping you, you do not have to be confused anymore about the Parawood. You will come to know everything about the Parawood, its quality, color, etc. Below you will read about what is Parawood in detail. So let us continue further for more information.

What Is Parawood?

Parawood is a hardwood material used in making good furniture and flooring. All its information that you want to know. So Parawood is the type of wood that grows from rubber trees they are also known as Malaysian Oak trees. Parawood is more commonly also known as rubberwood. Good quality Parawood of rubber trees is found in regions such as Brazil and Southeast Asia. They grow and develop a sappy-type material that is similar in texture to that of latex. Parawood is an extremely strong and fine texture material for making furniture.

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What Kind Of Wood Is Parawood?

Parawood is a kind of wood that is used to make furniture for homes and offices. It is also known as rubberwood, hardwood for plantations, or Malaysian Oak. It is a common type of wood that is similar to the oak in its characteristics. However, you will know that Parawood is a light-colored tropical wood, used for making chairs, dining tables, etc. It has smooth finishing and grainy texture. What is Parawood hardwood? This has shock-absorbing qualities so you can use them for hardwood floors.

What Is Parawood Flooring?

Parawood flooring is strong and durable for the home and gym floors. As it has shock-absorbing property. As it reduces the tension felt on the joints and makes it easier for old people to move every day. The improvement made by manufacturers of Parawood includes flooring in black and gray in an unbelievable range in a variety of colors and designs.

Uses Of Parawood

There are various Parawood uses that you should know. So let’s read below how Parawood is useful.

  • For making Kitchen Cabinetry
  • Indoor furniture like chairs, dining table
  • Gym flooring
  • Hardwood flooring for shock absorption

Advantages Of Parawood?

Below we have given some of the Parawood advantages that you will get from it:

  • Parawood is durable solid, resistant, and elastic wood.
  • It requires less maintenance.
  • Parawood is resistant to stain.
  • It is soft and good for making bedroom furniture.
  • The Parawood is fire and heat resistant.

How Should Be The Quality Of Parawood?

You should know about what quality of Parawood is good. It should be strong and durable. Parawood should be able to absorb the shock. For making nice floors you should consider the Parawood hardness which is an important factor for the quality of Parawood.

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Is Parawood Safe?

Yes, Parawood is safe as it is made from natural wood. It has good durability and is safe to use. Parawood is a commercially sustainable source of wood that you will come to know about it further.

Is Parawood Sustainable?

Parawood is a sustainable material as it is obtained from the plantation trees that are used for building furniture and flooring. It is used in the furniture and wooden toy industries, by several commercial sectors. Using more Parawood also means that the production of the purposes of the rare trees is saved.

Is Parawood Toxic?

Parawood is obtained from natural wood and is not toxic initially or as raw material. However to use it in furniture making it may be treated with some of the chemicals which may be toxic. So this can be harmful in some of the conditions.

Can You Stain Parawood?

Yes, you can stain the Parawood if you want to apply some color coat on it. Parawood needs to be gritted with 180 grit sandpaper. Then you can apply some top coat on the Parawood for giving it a smooth and elegant finishing. Sanding and staining are done for what is Parawood furniture by using some harsh chemicals or reagents. While this flooring resists most staining Parawood agents, some others can discolor its surface. Parawood flooring can be affected by detergents and abrasive cleaning solutions. On Parawood floors, grease also acts adversely if not cleaned immediately.

What Is The Process For Painting Parawood?

The process for painting Parawood is very easy. Now you must be eager to know how you can paint Parawood easily? If you want to paint your furniture with Parawood, you have to plan some stuff. Below we have mentioned the process to paint para wood furniture which will not stain the paint anywhere else:

  1. Sand the wood with 180 grit sandpaper.
  2. Wipe the dust with a cloth.
  3. Cover the pieces of the Parawood with the painter’s tape.
  4. Add the roller with a new coat of acrylic latex primer.
  5. Paint according to your requirement.


Is Parawood Good Quality?

Parawood is good quality wood, which is one of the most costly relatives to other wood types. It means that pieces of furniture made of Parawood are not costly. 

What Is Parawood And Is It Quality Wood?

Parawood is also known as rubberwood, hardwood for plantations, or Malaysian Oak. It is cultivated on rubber plantations in Indonesia and Central America. As each tree is grown from previous trees that have been felled, Parawood is considered to be environmentally friendly.

Does Parawood Stain Well?

Parawood can be stained well if you color it with a proper staining process. Using good quality coats and keep them safe. Some reports suggest that Parawood stains well while others say that it appears to be discolored. A wood conditioner is recommended by some woodcarvers while some do not prefer it on Parawood. In terms of hardness and staining capacity, they all agree that the wood is similar to oak.

Can You Sand And Stain Rubberwood?

You can sand and stain rubberwood with a palm sander similar to what you can sand other hardwood. Using 80 to 100 grit sandpaper to reduce the splinters and other defects and 120 to 150 grit paper to open the grain and prepare the wood for staining. Clean the wood with the cloth and wipe the dust until you are done with the sanding process. With its normal pale color, Parawood can be conveniently stained as light or dark however you require.

Is Parawood A Maple?

Parawood, also known as rubber wood, is a true hardwood from the maple family that offers many benefits for furniture manufactures.


Now you have come to know about what is Parawood? I helped you with all the details on the Parawood like its uses and advantages. You understood that how you can paint the Parawood. Some of the common queries that you were having before may have been answered through this article. Here you read about the Parawood flooring, furniture, etc. in what is Parawood useful for.