What Is Client Software?

Video conferencing is one of the most convenient and effective solutions for communication today. However, most people do not even realize that they are often using an essential part of such service to connect with each other, which is client software. Indeed, working with reliable software is crucial when you are looking for top-quality video conferencing solutions. But what is client software exactly? To put it shortly, these are the programs that have video call features. They are usually developed by video conferencing providers like Digital Samba (https://www.digitalsamba.com/api) and others. In this article, you will discover everything you need to know about video conferencing software and its advantages.

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Video Conferencing Client Software

Client software is a program that allows using various features of certain services. Not all computer programs and mobile apps are client software though. Customer software requires an Internet connection to offer the full range of services as it connects to servers online. For example, when two people have client programs on their computers, they can connect with each other online.

There is a distinction between the Internet browser and a client program. Some services are fully available through a browser, which means that you will not need to download anything. However, most similar services require installing a client on your PC or another gadget to operate properly. Client software acts as a hub for all the features and services available for a certain product. In addition, some features of video conferencing software might be available offline via the client, while browser-based services always require a strong Internet connection.

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The Advantages of Using Video Conferencing Software

While there are web browser-based solutions that allow making video calls, video conferencing software is still much more convenient and flexible. Here are some key advantages of using video conferences in your work and day-to-day life:

  • Connecting all the employees – while most companies have the majority of their employees located in one office building or a few different places, some workers are not there for various reasons. Whether an employee is at home because of their health or a team of workers is always away on a business trip, everyone can be brought together thanks to video conferencing technology. In addition, such software is constantly upgrading to deliver convenient communication close to talking in person.
  • Easier planning – it is always challenging to bring everyone together considering different schedules. With video conferencing, it is quite simple to plan a meeting as it is not obligatory to be in a specific place on time. Every user can just connect to the call from their location.;
  • Visual component – video conferencing allows for not only seeing the person or people you are communicating with but also incorporating illustrative materials. It is possible to use whiteboards or printed materials and show them on camera or use screen sharing features and other methods of sharing your presentations, video clips, tables, charts, etc.
  • Increasing efficiency – even within one company, much time is spent on running between departments and offices when you need to ask about something, sign a paper, print out a document, etc. Offering every worker an opportunity to use their computers and portable gadgets for video conferencing allows them to jump on a video call and receive or share the necessary info in mere seconds. This is great for both increased efficiency and employee satisfaction.

While previously, video calls were lacking in comparison with real-life communication, modern software makes it so much more accessible and convenient.

All the Components of Video Conferencing

Client software is extremely important for creating a video conference, but you also need hardware to make it work. Downloading a client app is half of the job, and another part is having the right equipment. Here is everything you might need for a video call:

  • Computer – of course, it is crucial to have some type of computer, whether it is a PC or mobile phone, that will host your client software. Every device requires a specific program designed for its operating system, so make sure that your video conferencing platform of choice has the necessary client.
  • Camera – it would not be a video conference without a camera. For the most basic video call, it would be enough to use a web camera that comes with your laptop, for example, or a front-facing mobile camera. In case you want to have a clearer image, you can always buy a separate camera with a higher resolution.
  • Microphone – most devices have built-in mics that will allow you to have video conferences without special preparations. However, while mics on mobile headphones usually provide a decent, although not perfect, quality of sound, mics on your laptop usually pick up too much surrounding noise as well as loud tapping on the keyboard. Using microphones on headphones and headsets is preferable, although it is also great to purchase a professional mic to achieve the best sound.
  • Lights – if you do not have a big bright window in your room or the indoor lighting is not very flattering during video calls, it is simple and quite affordable to find a small table light that will illuminate your space for video conferencing.
  • Drawing tablet – this is not an essential piece of hardware by any means, but it might be extremely useful for people that do a lot of video conferencing and online presentations. You can type out any text in real time pretty quickly, although writing and drawing on a special tablet will be even easier and more convenient to illustrate your point.

Combining top-quality video conferencing software and reliable equipment is a key to arranging great video calls for you and your colleagues. With advanced client software, you can have incredible functionality.