What Is An Ephod? Its Meaning And Purpose

If you like to read historical books and came through what is an ephod? But don’t know its meaning don’t worry. Here we are for helping you. Our article will guide you about the complete history of an ephod. You will come to know about for what is the purpose of the ephod, who used the ephod all such queries will be answered in the below. So first let us begin with what is an ephod in the below.

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What Is An Ephod?

The ephod is described as clothing or garment that was worn by the high priest if referred to the bible. However, the term ephod varies from book to book of ancient times. In the Hebrew Scriptures, ephods are mentioned many times, as some kind of clothing for the Priests. You will see in the below about ephod its complete knowledge. So do not leave in between reading this article otherwise, you will miss some important things that you should know about what is an ephod? So let’s continue reading to understand the meaning of the ephod.

Meaning Of Ephod

The ephod is meant to be a garment made from linen materials that were worn by the high priest in the big ceremonial events primarily. During ancient times, the Lord ordered priests not to wear ordinary clothes, but to have holy garments created by those that the Lord filled the ephod with the spirit of wisdom. The ephod garment should have two shoulder-pieces that are connected to the two edges so that they can be joined together. We will below define ephod how is it?

Definition Of Ephod

The ephod is defined as a garment made up of gold, yarn with a blue, purple, and crimson color. Ephod should be finely crafted with twisted linen very skillfully. The ephod clothing must be having two shoulder pieces to be attached at the two edges. The ephod linen cloth also includes the band with two onyx stones. On these stones, there were the names of sons of Israels. The band was called an ephod breastplate or ephod breastpiece. It is explained as to determine God’s order.

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Uses Of Ephod

Below are the uses of the ephod:

  • Use it while holy rituals
  • High priests use it in oracular practices
  • Used in ceremony rites

Importance Of Ephod

Ephod the sacred clothes that were worn by high priests at the command of God. The significance of the ephod is that priests wore at the holy rituals and ceremonies to follow God’s will. The ephod was not only a garment but its connection with the holy events was divine. People other than the high priest wore similar clothing made of silk. Samuel wore the ephod as he served before the tabernacle at Shiloh.

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Purpose Of The Ephod 

Below we have mentioned the purpose of the ephod:

  • The purpose of the ephod was to use it while holy rituals.
  • Ephod for oracular practices was worn by the high priests.
  • The high priest used ephod to carry ceremonial functions.

Picture Of An  Ephod

If you are thinking what is an ephod must be looking like? So for you, we have made it easy. Below you can see how the beautiful Ephod must be in appearance. We also have given about the breastplate of the ephod.


Ephod Breast Plate

Ephod Breast Plate

What Is An Ephod In The Old Testament?

The ephod is a holy dress in the Old testament. The holy linen ephod is part of the ritual dress that was worn by the high priest of ancient Israel as mentioned in the Old Testament. The ephod was worn outside the robe and possibly held in place by a belt and by parts of the shoulder. There is a piece of breastplate or pouch holding the holy and divine objects such as the Urim and the Thummim, of which exact purpose is still not known but referred to as God’s will.

What Is An Ephod In The Bible?

In the Bible, the ephod is generally represented as being linen clothing in the places where it is worn but does not constitute complete clothing, as a reference with the Books of Samuel defines. As per the bible, the ephod is an ancient ornament and an item to be worshipped and was closely related to oracular and priestly ceremonial rituals as per Israelite society.

What Is An Ephod In Judges?

Ephod in the judges is described as Gideon produced an ephod as a sleeveless coat of gold. Having blue, purple, and crimson colors, and finely stitched with linen, with two pouches of onyx on the shoulders. The band is also known as the breastplate that stayed with it perfectly. As the holy scriptures, says that Gideon put the ephod in the city and Oprah of Israel. The whole city became a snare to Gideon ephod and his family.


What Does Ephod In The Bible Mean?

In the Bible, the ephod is normally described as linen clothing, as specified by a reference to the Books of Samuel. As per the Bible and as per Israelite society, the ephod is an ancient decoration of the clothing and an object to be worn when ritual or functions closely connected to oracular and priestly ceremonial rites.

What Is The Purpose Of The Ephod?

The purpose of the ephod was to use it during holy ceremonies. The high priests wore the Ephod for oracular rites. The ephod was used by the high priest to perform ritual duties and wore it at the command of God.

What Is The Meaning Of Ephod?

The ephod is supposed to be a robe made primarily from linen materials worn by the high priest in the great ceremonial events. The Lord directed priests not to wear ordinary clothes during ancient times, but to have holy garments made by those whom the Lord filled the ephod with the spirit of wisdom.

What Is The Difference Between Ephod And Breastplate?

The difference between the ephod and the breastplate is that ephod is linen clothing worn by high priests in holy rituals and ceremonies. While a breastplate is a piece of armor that covers the chest consisting of the onyx stones with the names of sons of Israel.

Is Ephod Same As Breastplate?

Hebrew Bible
According to the description in Exodus, this breastplate was attached to the tunic-like garment known as an ephod by gold chains/cords tied to the gold rings on the ephod’s shoulder straps, and by blue ribbon tied to the gold rings at the belt of the ephod.

What Was Fastened On The Shoulder Pieces Of The Ephod?

They mounted the onyx stones in gold filigree settings and engraved them like a seal with the names of the sons of Israel. Then they fastened them on the shoulder pieces of the ephod as memorial stones for the sons of Israel, as the LORD commanded Moses.


Here you came to know about what is an ephod completely. You understood the meaning, purpose, and use of the Ephod. Your knowledge about the information of ephod got increased. We reviewed you about the ephod and breastplate by visualizing the picture for better understanding. Several different books explaining the ephod and its actual meaning you understood by reading this article of What is an ephod, which helped you a lot.