What Is A Ashley Piercing?

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In the realm of body modification and self-expression, the Ashley Piercing stands as an intriguing and distinctive choice, renowned for its subtle yet captivating appearance. Named after the pioneering individual who popularized it, the Ashley Piercing is a delicate and sophisticated lip piercing that has garnered attention for its unique placement and aesthetic appeal. Delving into the essence, features, and allure of the Ashley Piercing unveils its significance as a subtle statement of style and individuality.

What Is A Ashley Piercing?

The Ashley Piercing is a type of lip piercing that typically involves a single puncture through the center of the lower lip, emerging at the top of the bottom lip. Unlike traditional lip piercings that go through the skin only, the Ashley Piercing traverses through the lip tissue, creating a distinct look characterized by a single, visible bead or stud sitting atop the lower lip.

Features And Characteristics:

  • Placement: The Ashley Piercing is centrally located on the lower lip, with the jewelry sitting at the top of the lower lip, creating a subtle yet eye-catching accent.
  • Jewelry Options: Typically adorned with a small, elegant bead or stud, the piercing allows for various jewelry choices, including metallic studs or colorful gems, offering versatility in style.
  • Subtle Elegance: Known for its understated elegance, the Ashley Piercing adds a touch of sophistication without being overly ostentatious.
  • Healing Process: The healing duration for an Ashley Piercing is relatively similar to other lip piercings, requiring proper aftercare to avoid infections and promote healing.

Expression And Significance:

  • Individuality and Style: The Ashley Piercing serves as a form of self-expression, allowing individuals to showcase their unique style and personality through a subtle yet striking modification.
  • Subdued Statement: Its discreet placement and elegant appearance make it a choice for those seeking a piercing that stands out without being overly conspicuous.
  • Versatile Aesthetic: The piercing complements various fashion styles, from casual to formal, offering a versatile addition to one’s personal aesthetics.

Considerations And Aftercare:

  • Professional Piercing: It’s crucial to seek a professional and experienced piercer to ensure proper placement and minimize the risk of complications.
  • Aftercare: Following proper aftercare guidelines, such as cleaning the piercing regularly with saline solution, avoiding oral contact, and maintaining good hygiene, is essential for healing.


The Ashley Piercing, with its unique placement and subtle elegance, represents a fusion of style, individuality, and understated charm in the realm of body modifications. As a choice for those seeking a sophisticated yet discreet form of self-expression, this piercing continues to captivate individuals looking to make a statement with a touch of refined allure, adding a distinctive accent to their personal style.


Why Is It Called An Ashley Piercing?

Most people assume that it is called an Ashley piercing after someone called Ashley who either was the first person to get this piercing or perform this piercing. There is no traceable source for the Ashley piercing so this story is unconfirmed but seems the most likely. Its technical name is inverse vertical labret.

How Painful Is An Ashley Piercing?

Most report mid-level discomfort that goes away quickly. While much of the discomfort you feel will be up to your individual pain tolerance, a reputable piercer will be able to guide you through breathing exercises and conduct the piercing smoothly and quickly, resulting in less pain.

What Is The Difference Between A Labret And An Ashley Piercing?

Ashley piercing: An adaptation of the vertical labret, the Ashley piercing is placed on the bottom lip itself. Unlike the vertical labret piercing, the exit hole appears on the inside of the mouth rather than the outside.

What Is The Difference Between An Angel Kiss Piercing And An Ashley Piercing?

The vertical labret (angel kiss) piercing is pierced through the lower lip, similar to a labret piercing but exits more vertically through the top of the lip. The inverse vertical labret (ashley) piercing, is similar to the vertical labret but the top ball exits inside the lip, not outside.

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