What features should the virtual office UI have?

The virtual office is an online workspace management service that lets you and your team members work remotely. You must be wondering why you need a service when you can work on your own from home. Well, there are many things that the virtual office offers that help you establish your business into a respectable brand. One of these features is the virtual receptionists. It caters to your customer support needs.

But before we go deeper into the discussion, let us first see why a virtual office with services like a virtual receptionist, is better than working from home. When you work from home communication becomes a major issue. You can email and other instant messaging apps, but the other person might check it with delay. This can cause disruptions in the workflow. Similarly, sharing of data safely can be an issue as well. You can’t afford a well-managed and updated cyber security system with your depleting funds.

The biggest issue with working from home is that your business loses its credibility. Many customers don’t trust businesses run from home addresses. They get an impression that the business is not a serious venture and is some experiment done before doing it properly. It puts your privacy exposed to peril as well. The virtual office gives you a proper business address of a commercial location. 

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What do you get out of the virtual office service:

There are many business support features that the virtual office offers you. These can help you run your business without any glitches. These features are:

  • A legal business address is part of the service package. This address can be used for your official correspondence and marketing materials. 
  • You get the facility of mail handling. This includes receiving and forwarding important mail to your given address. If there are some important and urgent documents, they can be scanned and emailed to you as well.
  • You also get a call center facility as a part of the virtual office. All your business calls are answered by receptionists, using your company’s greetings. Customer support is also available if you want. Your drafted response to queries can be conveyed to your callers. This is done through a software called the virtual receptionist. It doesn’t let any call go unanswered and unassisted.
  • For the times when you have to meet with clients and employees; the virtual office gives fully loaded meeting rooms. You can arrange meetings, seminars, presentations, etc. in these conference rooms. They have all the apparatus that you will need to conduct meetings.
  • The virtual office service gives you tech support and cyber security also. You get software apps for better team collaboration and data sharing.
  • The whole environment of the office is amazing. From the furnishing to the interiors, everything is done as per the latest trends. 
  • You and your employees can also enjoy the amenities provided by the service. These include cafeterias, coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, etc. in the office building.

These are the features the virtual office User Interface(UI) should have:

The virtual office service is an easy-to-use service. You can start and stop using it at any point in time. If you feel that the virtual office is not serving your purpose or if you are now shifting to a physical office setup, you can simply unsubscribe from the service. You won’t be charged any penalty, nor will you have to wait for any contract termination period. Just one click will free you from the service.

The virtual office is very easy to set up as well. In case you are a first-timer, make sure that you pick the service that has a user-friendly UI. The UI should have the following features:

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No distraction:

The first thing that you notice about the interface is how neat or cluttered it is. If the design, color, or layout is too cluttered or distracting, using it will be difficult. A nice clean design with a pleasant color scheme and simple layout makes it easier for the users to understand.  Flashing menus annoy the visitor and if too many pop-ups are there, your visitor might not stay more than a few seconds and leave the website. 

A virtual receptionist:

A virtual receptionist is a bridge between you and your customers. The job of the virtual receptionist is to navigate incoming calls and provide customer support. Most of the basic customer queries are handled by the virtual receptionist. It can also schedule appointments, route calls, and provide other information. Making it a part of the UI can be helpful for the team as well. It can be another medium of communication between you and your team and the customers. 

High-speed navigation:

The next thing the user experiences is navigation. If the menus are not optimized and are too slow to open or toggle, the user might lose interest in them. High-speed navigation that loads instantly is half the success of your virtual office. Visitors don’t have enough patience to wait for the navigation to work.

Complete comfort in meetings:

Online meetings can be challenging if not handled properly. The meeting room should be easy to use and exit. Sharing files should be simple as well. The video and audio should not be jerky. Sometimes new users find it hard to turn the mic or camera on and off. The meeting rooms should make such activities easier for users. It should have the ability to schedule and book calls with different teams and individuals.

Chat windows:

The chat windows should be easily accessible. Users should be able to send messages instantly with just a mouse click. Setting up meetings, giving a friendly reminder, and just saying hello to the rest of the team; an easy-to-use chat window can make this work seamlessly.

Expandable user profiles:

The user interface of your virtual office should allow you to add and remove profiles. You might hire new team members or some older ones might leave you. In such cases, you need to add new profiles to the meetings and chat windows. A good and efficient user interface makes this effortless.