What Does A Massage Therapist Do?

Do you want to be a masseur? It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional masseuse and you are looking to retrain or learn new methods or specialize in one. Age does not matter to be a trained masseur.

What is there to know?

We well know that massages are physical-emotional experiences. The best massage therapists are those who can conquer your senses and control your energy. This is not only achieved during the massage session, oils, aromatherapy, and quiet music are also present.

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Massage techniques

Mostly, various massage methods are used with combinations and techniques that vary according to the type of massage. These techniques consist of a variety of ways to manipulate the tissues of the patient’s body.

Depending on the type of massage, they can be done in a soft and relaxed way, or they can be more energetic or with some instruments.

  • Vibrations

It can be massaged with the heel of the hand and then with the whole hand or with the fingers depending on the areas to be treated. Basically, a tremor is made with the hands-on a certain area of the patient’s body, it can be fast or at moderate speed.

  • Slipping or rubbing

This massage technique is one of the most commonly used, allowing the masseur to apply the oil and warm the muscles. Areas of tension should be identified as the patient adjusts to the movements. This massage removes emotional tensions and provides a quick and efficient rest.

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  • Kinesitherapy or mobilizations

These mobilizations are a set of techniques that focus on employing properly programmed manual movements as an option for the recovery, recovery, or improvement of the functions of mobile structures.

  • Sliding pressure

It allows recognizing the areas with retraction and the presence of nodules, the “state of the subcutaneous plane”. The entire superficial plane is also mobilized on the plane of the fasciae, in this way large areas of connective tissue are reached.

  • Tapotement or Percussion

It is a more stimulating than relaxing technique. It is done by applying different types of rhythmic and energetic pressure, repeatedly.

  • Friction

It is a deep massage technique that is usually applied to the fasciae, tendons, joints, and ligaments. Many times, it is usually applied in areas of scar tissue or areas of knots.

  • Petrissage or kneading

It is similar to the bread kneading technique. With the whole hand and fingers, particular areas are manipulated and understood. It works rhythmically to release stiffness and tension, both on the surface and in the deepest part of the treated muscle.

Classification of massage effects

Painkillers/Sedatives: When the movement of the hands or other devices is slow, smooth, and rhythmic.

Toning/stimulating: The manipulation of the muscles is fast, abrupt, and irregular.

It is necessary to remember that in most massage techniques, except passive and active movements, the hands always have a certain direction or trajectory.

The therapist

Currently, physical therapy or massage therapy is widely in demand because today’s man has more knowledge about the human body and how to use these ancient and contemporary techniques.

At the same time, job opportunities are wide, with a wide variety of options, from working in a clinic, gym, spa, beauty salons, sports centers, resorts, events, etc.

Final considerations

It is worth remembering the difference between a masseur and a physical therapist. The masseur provides us with relaxation and well-being in general, restoring harmony to the body. While the physiotherapist is a professional doctor trained to treat and correct injuries of various kinds.

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