What Does A Day In The Life Of An Investment Researcher Look Like?

An investment researcher studies the performance of assets, stocks and funds to predict the best investments to make. Investors need data driven advice and this will be prepared by the researchers to help them decide where to invest their money, as a result they will be more efficient and consequently make more profits. So a day in the life of an investment researcher will include … 

Of course, investment research…

Investment researchers often work for companies that deal with human insights, they help investors make better decisions by providing summaries of investment research. A typical day for an investment researcher will consist of lots of emails, like many jobs the first thing the researcher will do in the morning is sit down and filter emails. 

Later on, calls with clients and taking notes will take up a few hours. On a typical day that isn’t so bad, there may be time to go and get lunch with friends and have a break from the office. But most days, lunch will be in front of the screen as there won’t be enough time for a long break.

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Working on the marketing book 

A big part of the research role is comparing companies metrics against each other, this entails looking into financial statements and putting them into a spreadsheet. Microsoft Excel will be one of your best mates when it comes to computer software. Organisation is key to getting the job done and of course attention to detail, it is crucial to be accurate and avoid making any mistakes and this could change the investments of others. You’re trusted with investors’ money at the end of the day!

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You always need the managing director’s approval 

Waiting for the managing director’s approval can be tiring, you could be waiting all evening sometimes but until you have it, you can’t be sure your work for the day is done. Often, the managing director will come back with lots of changes and this will need to be completed quickly. Be prepared to eat your dinner in the office! When you have finished making all your changes you will need to send it back again, bear in mind it might be about 10pm by this time.

You might get a good night’s sleep but it will be up again early, ready to present your work to the whole team the next day. Bad days can be different and if there are a few in a row, it will often be worse as you won’t have had enough sleep. You could be dealing with up to 50 emails with lots of edits and emailing going back and forth. 

At the end of the day, it is obvious you need to be thick skinned to be an investment researcher. You will need a focused nature and an ambitious attitude. If you get tired easily, this won’t be the industry you should plan your future within. 


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