What can I really do with Physics?

When studying courses such as A Level Physics online, it can be easy to fall into a pit of questions such as what can I really do with this subject? Where am I going? Is this really what I want for my future?  With sites like International Home Study making it easier to get on the Physics pathway there are more options then ever.

All those questions are great questions to ask yourself when you are studying an online course. To help you with this I am going to explain 2 careers you can follow and what they may entail. Helping you decide if an Edexcel A Level Physics course is really for you or if you want to continue with it. This can be taken at college or through online A Levels. 

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Academic Researcher 

An Academic Researcher isn’t just a fancy name, you will use your developed research skills to create papers that will be peer reviewed using that research. You are also likely to teach at universities and give conferences.

You will be employed in four positions, usually as a PHD student or researcher and you may decide to do this after completing your Edexcel A Level Physics online course. 

The salaries for this position can vary from a postdoctoral researcher’s salary being from £27,000 – £39,000 a year. A senior lecturer salary being £43,000 to £58,000. This can go up to £100,000 a year as you go up the ranks. The hours of work a week tends to be 35 but you may be required to work longer to complete projects and research.


Ever wanted to work with the stars? As an Astronomer you will be required to work with stars, galaxies, and planets, answering the worlds biggest questions. You will use cameras, telescopes, and computers to observe the universe. 

You will be responsible for collecting and analysing data, many of the skills you would have developed when completing your Edexcel A Level Physics course online course and progressing to university. Planning and executing research projects will also be part of your responsibility as will reading existing literature, putting your work into context for other researchers, write scientific articles and presenting your work at conferences. 

Astronomers with a PHD can earn £28,000 and £42,000 a year while salaries for top senior levels can range from £40,000 to in excess of £75,000. 

Working hours can really vary when taking up the job of astronomer but most posts allow you to be flexible. You will also most likely need to travel. 

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Is Edexcel A Level Physics for me?

Only you know if Physics is really your passion and we only spoke about two possible careers in the industry. Other careers might include acoustic consultant, clinical or medical scientist, geophysicist, Higher education lecturer and nanotechnologist; not to mention much more. Edexcel A Level Physics can be a very valuable online course and can open a trove of opportunities and careers to conquer. You may decide to opt into another field of science completely but Edexcel A Level science can really be a stepping stone for this.