What Area Code Is 859?

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Area code 859 is a telephonic code serving specific regions within the United States. This comprehensive guide aims to uncover the details, location, and relevant information associated with area code 859.

What Area Code Is 859?

Grasp the fundamental definition of area code 859, highlighting its role as a telephone area code used in specific geographical regions within the United States.

Location And Coverage Of Area Code 859:

Explore the geographic coverage of area code 859. Discuss the specific areas, cities, and regions encompassed by this particular telephonic code.

What State Is Area Code 859?

Clarify the state associated with area code 859. Emphasize that area code 859 is primarily associated with the state of Kentucky within the United States.

Area Code 859 In Kentucky:

Delve deeper into the specific locations within Kentucky covered by area code 859. Highlight major cities, towns, or regions that utilize this telephonic code.

Area Code 859 In California:

Address the misconception or confusion regarding area code 859 being associated with California. Clarify that area code 859 is not located in California but is specifically allocated to parts of Kentucky.

Time Zone And Zip Codes Of Area Code 859:

Discuss the time zone and zip codes associated with area code 859. Explain the time zone observed within the regions covered by this area code and list some of the zip codes relevant to this area.

859 Phone Numbers And Text Messages:

Explain how phone numbers with the area code 859 are utilized and their significance within the telecommunication system. Discuss any unique characteristics or features associated with phone numbers under this area code.

Specific Phone Number Example: 859-453-3264:

Provide an example of a specific phone number with the area code 859 to illustrate the format and structure of phone numbers within this code.

Area Code 859 And Lexington, Kentucky:

Highlight the connection between area code 859 and the city of Lexington in Kentucky. Emphasize any notable aspects or significance of this specific city within the area covered by the telephonic code.


Area code 859 serves as a distinctive telephonic identifier primarily associated with specific regions within Kentucky, offering a unique communication delineation. By understanding its coverage, locations, and association with Kentucky, individuals gain insights into the telecommunication landscape within the United States. Embrace the clarity and understanding of area code 859 and its connection to specific regions in Kentucky!


Is 859 A California Area Code?

Area code 859 is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the city of Lexington and the central portion of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It was created in a split from area code 606 in 1999.

Is 859 A Florida Area Code?

Where is area code 859? Area code 859 is located in Kentucky and covers Lexington-Fayette, Covington, and Richmond.

Is Area Code 859 A Toll Free Number?

Is (859) Area Code a Toll-Free Number? No. The (859) Area Code is not a toll-free number.

What Is The Area Code For Louisville Kentucky?

Louisville, Kentucky is in the 502 area code in Jefferson County, with an estimated population of 713,877.

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