What Are Your Options if Your Spouse Does Not Sign Divorce Papers?

Divorce proceedings are complex and usually take a long time to settle. If you are in a situation where your spouse has denied signing the diverse paper, you might have a divorce attorney Milwaukee, WI, to find ways for you. Several individuals are stuck at this point in their divorce proceedings and are clueless about what should be done. 

In this case, you have a list of what you can do to ensure that your spouse legally signs the divorce paper. This list of things is mentioned below to help you out. Though we highly suggest you reach out to a divorce attorney experienced in divorce cases.

Things that you should do if your spouse does not sign the divorce papers:

  • Negotiate the settlement agreement: 

Before the divorce, you and your spouse must decide on the terms of the divorce. This includes child custody, child support, asset division, split bank account allocation, etc. This should happen under the guidance of mediation or an experienced attorney who will define the settlements’ grounds.

  • File for Divorce

If, in the past, you have attempted to file for divorce, but your spouse denied signing it, then in that case, you can proceed with the default divorce itself. Only the terms and the deliverables would change, and the rest of everything would remain unchanged.

  • File for a contested divorce: 

In the contested type of divorce, both parties present their case in front of the judge, and the judge decides the terms of the divorce on their behalf. This process is quite time-consuming and may require a lot of patience, but it is also considered the most effective one as the decision taken by the judge will be unbiased and fair.

  • Seek a divorce by separation: 

In some states, a procedure known as “divorce by separation” can be used to seek a divorce. This implies that neither spouse needs to demonstrate guilt or wrongdoing for you to obtain a divorce. Instead, proving that you and your spouse have been living apart for a particular amount of time is usually enough. Compared to a disputed divorce, this option may be simpler and speedier.

There are much more options than your divorce attorney can devise based on your situation. You need to be calm throughout the entire process of the divorce. Any mistake or statement made can affect the entirety of your case. So ensure that your attorney reviews all the papers and attends all the meetings with you.