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What Are The Gaps Between Digital Improvement And Digital Transformation

by Paresh Bramhane
What Are The Gaps Between Digital Improvement And Digital Transformation

Digital transformation and digital improvement are closely related concepts, but digital transformation meaning differs from digital improvement. Digital transformation refers to the complete transformation of your technology, while digital improvement only focuses on betterment. 

Since digital improvement focuses majorly on upgrading, digital transformation brings about the complete change in technology and the way you work. The digital transformation concentrates on making fundamental changes that can bring radical transformations to your company.

Wonder what their differences are? Let’s have a look: 

What are the differences between Digital Improvement and Digital Transformation?

  • Concept – Digital improvement includes introducing a new upgraded model of the particular technology you are currently working with. Although this technology will be new to your work, it will help you improve your overall work process but not completely change it. 

On the other hand, digital transformation does not upgrade- it completely changes the entire model of technology you are working with. It will help you to change your work process from the base.

  • Strategy – Certain strategies that are followed by digital improvement are: 
  1. New technologies for dealing with specific problems. Digital Improvement focuses on one problem and solves it.
  2. Using cloud-based services to store all your data for more efficient storage. This ensures all your data is saved and organized with unlimited storage facilities.
  3. Upgrading technologies for better time management and resource utilization. This ensures your team gets to work more efficiently without facing any lags. On the other hand, the strategies followed by digital transformation are as follows- 
  • Use of new, radical technologies which are different from the ones being   utilized by your company: This helps to bring about new customs, methods, and ways of working.
  • Complete digitalization of workspace with the help of business tools like Zoom, Google Meet, etc.: Due to the ongoing pandemic, a digital transformation like a digital workspace was inevitable. While it is an entirely new working mode, this change was necessary to adjust to the new situation. Given the use of cloud-based operations, organizations are no longer bound to any physical space.  

How to Prepare for Digital Transformation or Digital Improvement

The first step to preparing for any change in your enterprise is to focus on what needs to be changed. You must go through your work process to pinpoint exactly what needed to be changed.

The next step is to determine how much change is required. After finding out the problem, it is necessary to evaluate how much change the company needs to solve. If mere up-gradation is enough to solve it, one does not need to go through the tedious process of digital transformation. 

Necessity of Change

Further, it is also important to remember that change is not always necessary. One must evaluate whether change is at all necessary for their enterprise. Even if it is essential to change, a minor upgrade can work better than a radical change in many scenarios. Therefore, it must be kept in mind that an enterprise might perform better with just digital improvement rather than digital transformation. 

Improvement vs. Transformation: how to Understand which is more Suited for your Business?

While both digital transformation and digital improvement are necessary for your business from time to time, it is essential to understand which policy to implement at which point. While sometimes a simple digital improvement is enough to meet your goals, at another time, it is essential to bring about a radical change like digital transformation. 

The following are some of the factors to keep in mind while choosing the correct change for your business –

  • Careful Evaluation of Work Process- The first and most factor is understanding 

what your work process requires. While sometimes a simple upgrade does the job, complete transformation is the only way to improve your work process.

  • Competitor’s Strategy – It is crucial to keep track of what your competitors are investing in. If they invest in an upgraded version and get better results, then you should consider digital improvement. However, if you evaluate that digital transformation can give you a competitive edge, transformation should be your immediate focus. 
  • Data Evaluation- You should carefully research the type of technology you are investing in. If the upgraded version of your current technology has better results than the new one, then there is no point in investing in a completely different technology.
  • Keep User Experience in Mind – One of the main factors to consider is how the new or upgraded technology will work with your team. If they cannot use or understand it, there will be no use in investing in that technology.   


While digital improvement and digital transformation are equally crucial for your enterprise, you must understand their true meaning and value. It is necessary to use them at the right moment and junction of your enterprise to reap the best benefits offered by these changes. 

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