What Are Askew Head Bolts?

People who work in masonry typically use askew head bolts to secure the structure. Since these bolts have an askew head, they maintain the tension that the bolts need to stay in place. A different type of bolt might fall out, compromising the structure and potentially cause injuries. Hot dipped galvanized askew head bolts are particularly useful because they have extra protection against bad weather and harsh conditions. If you work in masonry, having a stock of askew head bolts on hand keeps your business operating all year long.

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What Makes Askew Head Bolts Unique?

The “askew” name comes from the head of the bolt. Unlike regular bolts, askew head bolts for structural applications have a blocky head that slides downward at the slant, like a hammer. Construction workers typically use them for concrete. You can pick up plain askew head bolts or HDG askew head bolts for extra durability.

What Is Hot Dipped Galvanizing?

Askew head bolts are already secure, but hot-dipped galvanized bolts have a longer lifespan and increased durability. To make HDG askew head bolts, the manufacturer cleans and prepares the bolts, then dips them in a molten zinc bath. Afterward, the manufacturer removes the bolts and lets them cool. The zinc forms a hard coating around the bolt that’s practically impenetrable.

Hot-dipped galvanized bolts have a longer lifespan because the zinc prevents rust and corrosion. This coating makes the bolts water-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor applications. The zinc is so strong that galvanized bolts are virtually maintenance-free. Construction workers can essentially install them and forget about it, which makes them popular with people who build public and private structures.

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What Are Your Options For Askew Head Bolts?

Askew head bolts come in a wide range of lengths, threads and diameters. You can choose from lengths as short as 1 1/2” and as long as 6”, with several options in between. Plain and hot-dipped galvanized bolts offer the same selection. If you know exactly what you need, BACO Enterprises organizes our bolts by part number as well as size.

Can You Order Askew Head Bolts Online?

BACO Enterprises makes it easy to buy askew head bolts online. Find the bolts that you want, then add them to your list and hit the “Request a Quote” button. Once we get your request, we’ll give you a price quote so you can shop around and figure out what works best for you. If you need other fasteners like hex bolts, carriage bolts or eye bolts, add them to your order so we can give you a quote on everything.

How Long Does It Take Askew Head Bolts To Ship?

If you live in certain states, including New York, Rhode Island and Delaware, BACO Enterprises offers same-day shipping so you can get your bolts as soon as possible. Otherwise, we offer quick shipping to everyone in the United States so you can get started on your project.

What Do You Get With BACO Enterprises?

Before we sell our bolts to customers, we inspect our fasteners to ensure that they’re tough, sturdy and safe to use. Our procedures include bolt testing and regular inspections so you know you’re investing in quality craftsmanship. If necessary, we can visit your workplace and test our fasteners on-site to ensure that they hold up.

When we purchase bolts, we work with some of the world’s top bolt manufacturers to secure quality bolts and competitive pricing. This allows us to sell bolts at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. If you want to learn more about our values, get in touch with us through phone or the contact form on our website.