Ways to boost the visibility of your Facebook profile

10 Ways to boost the visibility of your Facebook profile


The Facebook advertisers of Facebook have been unhappy about the perceived decrease in the visibility of news feeds. The more cynical between us think this is the way that Facebook conserves the page to pay to advertise their posts so that they may get the same free publicity that they once had. Regardless of whether this is true or not, the Facebook news feed has become an extremely competitive marketing environment.


10 Function with the algorithm EdgeRank 


1. So much don’t publish


This is an ordinary pit. You build and start getting fans on a Facebook page, but then it’s in your head that you have to continuously feed them content now that you have a platform and a community. No! No! Never post for posting purposes only. There is no magic number of how many days a week should be postponed, but I rarely suggest more than once a day – except that you have material that is prompt and of interest to most of your audience. You seldom lose fans because you don’t post material, but if you post too often, you can lose fans (or get your posts hidden by fans).

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2. Material Post Engaging


It’s pretty big nonsense. When your content gets more and more engaging, the more interactions you get and the higher your EdgeRank, which ensures that more people can see your message. Follow up on how all your posts are going and you will soon know what the content is engaging with your audience. Then just post one.


3. Using video and photos


Text updates are dull (good, occasionally) and are not differentiated by all other news feeds. Statistics indicate 180% greater interest in photo albums, 120% more images, and 100% more videos. Based on that number, it is easy to see why photos and videos should be posted as soon as possible. When you first create your business page on Facebook, it would only make sense to get relevant and attractive photos for your profile photo and the first posts.


4. Set the best days and times for postal services


I think it depends entirely on who your audience is because the best time to post is always contradictory data. Statistics indicate that people with pages most frequently include 18-24 years old from 9-10 pm (and this is in keeping with my realistic experience). However, it couldn’t be the perfect time for you to post if you’re not 18-24-year old. Perhaps the best time or evening, if you were approaching mothers, would be weekdays. I will advise you to take your own test by posting for a month at several times, then testing which times and days have the best results.

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5. Please ask you to change the setting to be informed


So this individual may not work well, but it’s worth a shot. This is worth it. If on any website you are a fan, you will see an opportunity to receive updates from that page. If you float on the “Liked” button, You’re probably going to improve your post-visibility when you post an update to ask your Community to do it for your page and to get fans to bite. I wouldn’t expect all of your fans to, but it’s still beneficial, even if that’s a small percentage.


6. Advanced postal systems


You can also increase the exposure of your posts via the news feed if you don’t mind spending money. Basically, this means that you are paying between about $5-$200 in order to maximize your post’s visibility to either your fans or fans and their friends. As seen in my screenshot below, my post will be extended to approximately 1.26k-2.34k to spend a maximum of $10 (fans and friends of fans). It’s a little irritating because Facebook needs you to do this (spend money to make your posts visible), but it can be very successful at the same time.


7. Feedback on order


This is a great thought because not only are you able to interact 90 percent more than your average work, but if you put the right questions, you will also get user input and ideas. 


8. Contest or Blank Submission


I’m not a fan of both types of posts personally, but they typically see a positive commitment if the group is sufficiently wide. After all, more than likes, it’s the driving remark that makes your EdgeRank better.


9. Inspiring quotes and images


An inspiring quote or picture is one of the best ways of getting involved (depending on your audience). This concerns your company somehow (e.g., exercise-related quotes and images for gyms and personal trainers). This food is eaten by Facebook users, so do it if it suits the personality of the company!


10. Contests going


People love things that are free, so offer them the opportunity to win. Competition posts get highly engaged on your page and it is likely that your Facebook community will develop as a result if you promote your competition through Facebook advertising or other means. Make sure you stick to the T+Cs on Facebook, and the award is relevant and good to go.