Virtual staging vs. Traditional staging: Things you must know!

Staging is the need of the modern world! As technology advances, the needs to change the traditional methods rise up. It doesn’t just prove to be cost-effective; staging has also shifted the curve of the property value upward. As per the real estate industry, buyers have agreed to pay higher price of the property that was staged well. 

Empty rooms give a sad and depressed look as there is nothing to compliment. Without a modern staging method, property looks like an empty cabin. Stages rooms give the feeling of an upscale market. Many people are fearful of proceeding with virtual staging due to the misconception that staging is an expensive task. However, virtual staging has proven to be more cost-effective over traditional.

If you consider the cost between the two, a model unit can cost you anywhere from $6000 – $25000. However, virtual staging would hardly cost you $70-$250 per image. In short, this technology has reduced your staging cost to 97%. There are many other reasons why virtual staging is overcoming the traditional staging methods. These comparisons have made the former superior to other means.  

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Virtual staging:

Virtual staging happens with support of high-quality images. There are apps and websites that help you do it. The digital pictures allow you to use the graphic images in the 3D form. You can change just about everything in the images. For instance, you can add furniture, décor, change the paints, and add rugs, beds, sofa, and much more…

Traditional staging:

In traditional staging, you de-clutter the space, remove things that are not required, personalize the space, personally visit the stores, select the furniture, focus on what’s available, choose from the available stock, and prepare a model unit. Customizing the design can add to the cost value of the model unit. Moreover, it is space consuming if buyers need to understand it. Traditional staging is pricier than virtual staging. 

Now that we know the purposes of the two, it will be easier to discuss the differences between both.

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Virtual staging vs. traditional staging:


Traditional staging is affordable as stated earlier. On the other side, virtual staging can be customized budget-wise. Even in the budget, you don’t have to compromise on your imaginary décor. You have oodles of choices to make in modern staging. The various dealers give you varied options to select in furniture, home décor, and more…


Virtual staging gives you the flexibility of changing the furniture any number of times. You can play with the design and everything else until you get the satisfactory image. Sadly, traditional staging skips this part. You have to think wise and seriously as the changes are not possible in traditional staging.

Time and effort:

Virtual staging is a time-saving method over traditional staging. As everything is digital, you don’t have to visit the site personally to review or preview. Thus, the effort and time are less in modern staging. Traditional staging is time taking and it does require the support of a designer to help you with the setup. Thus, you lack the flexibility of doing things your way. This has been a major drawback of traditional staging. 

Some of the latest trends in modern/virtual staging are:

  • Adding colors of your choice.
  • Adding tones as per your imagination.
  • Go with huge options in floral prints.
  • Add the latest elements to your rooms.
  • Make changes any number of times you need.

If you are excited to know what virtual staging is and how it works, connect with someone online today. You may also check the link for a detailed information